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LUV NFT vs Patreon vs Only Fans Average Monthly Payout | by LUV NFT

LUV NFT is a social NFT marketplace empowering the new creator’s economy. LUV NFT allows for social media creators to finally monetize their unique content without a middleman. Blockchain technology allows for creators to claim ownership of their unique content and monetize their data without having to worry about someone else stealing their authentic unique creations.

Prior to LUV NFT creators had to rely on 1,000’s of monthly subscribers or to earn enough to pay a monthly car note. With NFT’s a creator can make one NFT and possibly earn a year’s salary from working a 9–5 job 40 hours a week.

Top 3 NFT sales

The Pandemic was a gift and a curse for our economy that has been forced to enter into a digital economy. Prior to the Pandemic platforms were creating wealth off of the creativity of the users, by monopolizing the advertising and data revenue stemming from the online communities. Patreon and Only Fans saw a spike during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the 114 million jobs lost and a lack of options to make money while in lockdown.

After seeing statistics like

“70% of black-owned businesses closing since the start of the pandemic due to a lack of capital.”

we created a solution that aligned with our times. LUV NFT bridges the gap between traditional social platforms with the monetization aspects of other subscription-based applications and NFT marketplaces by giving users the opportunity to do both natively in our application. Users no longer have to deal with crazy algorithm updates that only allow less than 2% of their followers to see their content. Users no longer have to rely on having 50,000+ followers to make $300 a month off of subscription paid content.

In 2019 the subscription video, music, content, and gaming market generated $28 Billion. In the first quarter of 2021, $2 billion in NFTs were sold, keep in mind NFTs have not yet been mass accepted like Patreon and Only Fans as of yet.

How to make an NFT

A survey of US social media users by Pew Research shows that :

  • On Instagram, the highest number of users are African Americans at 26% topping White and Hispanic users.
  • 26% of people who identify as Black use Twitter.
  • Black creators and users on YouTube were polled at 76% running a close second behind Hispanic users at 78%.
  • 70% of Black respondents use Facebook.

Our mission is to diversify the blockchain industry that has ignored marketing cryptocurrency to African Americans.

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On 5/1 we will open to the public and begin to issue private invites for exclusive creators to access our platform.

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