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What the hell are we doing in NFTINO? | by NFTINO Official

We were building a peer-to-peer Marketplace of digital assets and collectibles, we are not only working with NFT but also other tokenization standards to bring physical and digital items to our platform, these are planned for the long-term development.

Who will get benefits the most from NFTINO platform?

During the early days, of course, those are our investors who bought NFTINO tokens. They are going to get double rewards every day just by holding tokens in their wallet. NFTINO will be the fundamental currency on our platform for every buy/sell transaction.
Other than that, once our market gets launched, it’s going to make benefits to both digital art makers and crypto items collectors, they can buy/sell digitized items on our platform with lower fees and reasonable prices.

How to be better compared to other competitors?
We all know that there are existing platforms for NFT like OpenSea or Rarible. However, we are not truly are competitors, we are doing for the same mission that is making a fair, transparent marketplace for sellers and buyers of the digital assets world.

We can make a difference by applying terms and strategies from the Financial sector to our platform. Generally speaking, our users not just simply exchange items for cash, they can also create a Loan or get capital from lenders to participate in the marketplace. You might know what I have just mentioned, it’s DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

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