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All you need to know about $VINYL | by Fanfare

Airdrops, NFT Farming, Governance and Community

Nearly half of our token, $VINYL, was sold to our community during our pre-sales, and most of the rest is allocated for Airdrops! Currently the two methods of acquiring more $VINYL are picking it up on uniswap, or being eligible for airdrops.

Did you say Airdrops?

Yes! We are going to be airdropping 30% of the unburned $VINYL supply over 4 years! This comes to 2500 $VINYL at the start of every month beginning July 2021 and ending June 2025.

Who is eligible for $VINYL airdrops?

These tokens will be airdropped equally to all holders of NFT FM NFTs. Each NFT represents a percentage of the tokens to be received. So holding multiple NFTs = more airdrop!

Governance and Proposals

Our governance board is composed of a reddit-style commenting and voting system. At the end of each month we will write up a medium article directly addressing the top three highest voted proposals. In addition to that, we have a community polling system where we will be asking the community more direct yes/no style questions on topics such as features, collaborations, and how resources should be allocated. These votes are non-binding advisory votes done to get a deeper understanding of the desires of the community. Despite this, the NFT FM team will do it’s best to ensure that the results of polls and community desires are respected and pursued. We will be publishing a history log of the polls taken and the resulting actions taken by NFT FM.

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