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Wearable NFTs. Wearable NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are… | by Eyma Victor

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Wearable NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the talk of the town, if by town you mean the burgeoning Metaverse that is evolving out of the various online hubs and marketplaces. Every day it seems new headlines are being made by people dipping their toe, or just cannonballing, into the fresh new waters of wearable digital art for the virtual world. And why shouldn’t they? If there’s one common thread between all of these stories, it’s that the denizens of the Internet love scarce digital assets and will pay through the nose to get their hands on them (so to speak).

Genies is one of many tech firms working with fashion designers, 3D artists, and other creatives to create digital wearable NFTs. One of their recent ventures was a collaboration with video game and entertainment giant BANDAI NAMCO, as well as a number of talented digital artists. Genies’ NFTs can be worn on their customizable avatars in compatible games, social media, and personal messaging apps. IMVU also worked with a group of artists and designers: G***y Sport, Mowalola, Freak City, Mimi Wade, BruceGlen, and My Mum Made It, to provide wearable NFTs for users to sport. These high fashion IMVU-created digital wearables for avatars (including rhinestone-studded handbags and silk ties) are available through OpenSea, for use exclusively on IMVU’s platform. Genies will be premiering their own NFT marketplace later in 2021 for enthusiasts to buy and sell wearable NFTs through.

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