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First Festival Token Airdrop. Mintbase is doing the largest and first… | by Monika | Mintbase

Mintbase is doing the largest and first token airdrop where 45,000 NEAR tokens will be sent to 5000 festival guests. Mintbase is creating a hybrid NFT festival called Wildeverse in collaboration with Wilde Moehre Festival and NEAR Protocol.

The festival brings together the physical and the virtual by connecting the event location in Germany with the metaverses. The physical building at the festival will be truly an unconventional experience for festival-goers who most likely don’t have much knowledge of blockchain or NFTs. They will walk into a building resembling a head and a brain. Inside the brain, they will learn about NFTs and how they will change the world through an interactive experience.

People at the festival will be able to communicate with the virtual world and visa-versa. The festival has a store where artists have been minting their works over the past few months. All works are exhibited in the VR worlds. As such, the festival made use of Mintbase’s DAO function which allows store deployers to add artists and take a split revenue feature on each sale. Royalties will also be accrued every time NFTs are resold. Beyond just displaying and collecting NFTs, festival guests will be able to redeem their NFTs for beer, swag and physical artwork at the festival via Mintbase’s redeemer app. Guests will be encouraged to create their own micro-economies around NFTs and experiment with this new technology.

View the Wildeverse collaboration here

Short interview with Alexander Dettke from Wilde Moehre Festival and Carolin Wend from Mintbase

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