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PolkaCipher Announces Partnership With NFTAlley | by PolkaCipher

PolkaCipher is pleased to announce a partnership with NFTAlley, an avant-garde multi-chain marketplace for minting(creating), selling, and trading crypto-collectibles seamlessly.

As the NFT space continues to heat up with creators and collectors as well as investor money pouring into this sector, NFT Alley takes center stage by ensuring it positions itself as the go-to platform for creators and collectors with an intuitive interface for on-chain staking and native token integration with liquidity rich protocols across several chains.

While general consensus of the market is that NFT is an art collectible. That is not entirely true. NFTs are much more than an art collectible and can be used as a way to secure any kind of digital document or file on-chain. You can do business contracts on NFTs, ownership transfer, access to events, Staking, lending, Governance, Legal, and many more essential daily actions through NFTs.

Through this partnership, NFTAlley can access PolkaCipher’s privacy enabled NFT technology, some of them include:

1. To capture offline data to on-chain and securing them via NFTs: Users of NFTAlley can capture clean offline data via oracle services of PolkaCipher and secure them on-chain via NFTs that can be minted on the NFTAlley platform.

2. Privacy enabled NFT transfers across multiple EVM chains — NFTs minted on the NFTAlley platform can be moved to other addresses privately, adding an additional layer of security to NFTs and their ecosystem

3. NFT Vaults — NFTAlley users can secure their NFTs in PolkaCipher’s vaults, keeping them safe from any kind of malicious activities.

4. NFT Staking on multiple EVM chains — Users can directly stake NFTs that were created on NFTAlley’s platform on PolkaCipher’s TRUSS platform which is one of a kind, NFT staking platform. Users can move NFT on multiple chains either using NFTAlley’s cross-chain platform or PolkaCipher’s privacy cross-chain platform and use that NFT(without tokens) to stake and earn rewards.

NFTAlley will secure the PolkaCipher network on the below fronts:

1. Gasless NFT transactions
2. Multi-chain NFT trades
3. Realistic Price Discovery Mechanism
4. Cross-platform rewards

As the market continues to grow and NFTs gain traction we believe our technologies will play pivotal roles in securing the NFT space and allowing users to choose from multiple options that NFTAlley and PolkaCipher have to offer.

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