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NFTease – The Crypto Based OnlyFans Replacement

With the recent news and announcements brought forward from OnlyFans changing their policy and banning nudity in October, there exists a huge gap in the adult entertainment industry and competition to OnlyFans. Luckily, there is a solution that encompasses the main benefits of OnlyFans, with the added benefits of crypto.

NFTease is an online marketplace that aims to provide a more improved end-user experience than the ever popular OnlyFans — offering creators, fans, and avid NFT collectors a space to purchase, sell, and trade exclusive content served in a crypto-esque fashion! Unlike OnlyFans, who face pressure from payment providers to comply with stringent policies and practices for accepting and dealing with fiat payment, the NFTease platform does not face the same restrictions. This is due to the fact that NFTease operates on the premise of decentralization, meaning paying for access to content isn’t routed through a payment provider but rather through crypto and the blockchain. Though these principals might sound complicated, our user-experience is as simple as clicking a button to access exclusive creator content — and even leverages the power of crypto to bring even more exclusivity and opportunity to both creators and fans.

Aside from the power of crypto and blockchain that drive NFTease, there also exists new opportunities for both creators and fans on NFTease. Because all content purchased on NFTease is in the form of a non-fungible-token “NFT”, individuals who purchase a creators exclusive content are the sole proprietors of the content; no other individual will be able to gain access to the content and the ownership of the content is verifiable via a public transaction that takes place on the blockchain. Another major benefit of converting to NFTease is that payments are made via cryptocurrency. This removes the reliance of a 3rd party payment provider who dictate content restrictions, and creates a new income stream for both creators and fans who can further invest their earnings or convert it into fiat.

For fans and users who purchase content on NFTease, there are 3 primary options:

  • The ‘TEASE’ Token, our own proprietary crypto-token built on ‘Binance Smart Chain’. This payment option offers the lowest transaction fee, and people who hold the token actually get a % of every sale made on the platform!
  • Ethereum
  • ‘BNB’, the Binance Token (coming soon)

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