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zDrone v1.0 Trading Bot Testnet is here! | by Zoobdoo

ZoOBDoO — zDrone v1.0 Prototype

Activate your zDrone v1.0:

ZoOBDoO has released a super easy and effective trading bot anyone can use, which will be integrated as Smart NFT onto the zBotNet. This is the 1st beta release and we will be releasing the final 1.0 version with more powerful advanced features in q4 2021.

Activate a zDrone:

zDrone Trade History Chart Markers show visual representation of trades.

Happy to share that our first month of testing the zDrone v1.0 Master Node has been showing great results with 41.2% and 428% APR of bot trading on BTC/USDT pair. That is nearly 2x vs. just holding in that same time span (from July 26 to Aug 26 BTC saw a 22% increase). A great result and excited to see how far our users will go especially with some of the new advanced features and AI model integration.

Watch the live trading feed of zDrone v1.0 Master Node via Discord:

The zDrone v1.0 is currently executing a basic linear regression model based on 2 trigger variables (buy+sell % target) and a moving average variable defined by last executed trade.

linear regression model

zDrone trades when certain % increase or decrease hits a target and triggers a trade you set based around your most recent trade price on an activation cycle.

Sign up for an account:

zDrone v1.0 Prototype Interface
  1. Input Buy & Sell % Targets: These are the % targets of when the zDrone will buy or sell the capital amount you’ve entered.
  2. Enter Capital Amount: this is the amount your bot will trade with — Test net accounts come with $10,000 in USDT for test starter funds (along with 10k $ZBD for early adopter rewards).
  3. Select Buy or Sell side: when activating a trading bot the user needs to select the trade side before activation.
  4. Activate: Once activated it triggers a bot activation cycle on that buy or sell side. You can deactivate to change the settings or enter on a different side.
*limited time offer* Sign Up:

Our first round of Early Adopters will get rewarded tremendously for being our valued early adopters. Expect 10,000 $ZBD tokens for all bot testers who perform test trades for a minimum of 1 month starting on September 1st. You can also boost your earnings by playing Doge Space Adventure through Play & Earn.

zDrone v1.0x: Integrate AI, ML + Hive Mind. Mainnet activation.
zBotNet: Integrate multiple models and Gamification.
Coinbase + FTX Integration
Polygon (Matic) Integration
LaZer Tag
ZoOBDoO Mainframe GameFi DAO Protocol

Written by: Jay Lim, CoFounder, CTO @ ZoOBDoO


About ZoOBDoO

ZoOBDoO is a next generation GameFi Portal in the Metaverse featuring the zBotNet a fun, easy to use crypto trading bot platform where everyone’s favorite characters from the Cryptoverse play & trade together. We are utilizing DeFi, NFT & creating a bridge between advanced CEX & DEX use case in a highly interactive STEM environment.

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