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Artist Spotlight — Migrating Lines | by NFT Malayali | NFT Malayali

Migrating comes from the idea of migrating into different dimensions, fields, and mediums through his creations. His work merges gaming and storytelling, animation and sketching, and also tries to create a world of its own. “Lines” comes from the fact that his art consisted initially of hand-drawn sketches that he used to animate. That’s how Migrating lines was born.

His artworks in the NFT space speak with a lot of colors in them. Migrating Lines believe that colors are beautiful, and represent everything around us. And that with colors one can express feelings and give life to an artwork. Since he is narrating an interactive story, he felt it is very important for him to allow the viewer and collector to feel the artwork and be emotionally drawn to the same.

To give an insight into his recent series — The Magical Item, which explores the journey of Dino, the kiddo who found a secret passage to an ancient magical world, the collection consists of a total of 30 1/1 Magical Items that acts as a portal to Dino’s Magical World. 16 Magical Items have been released already and hence one can expect 14 more Magical Items. Each Magical Item offers certain amounts of Magical Points (MPs) to the collector. The collector with the most MPs will be gifted the Magical Item #30. Each artwork includes a specific location from the ancient magical world. Thus it conveys its own story and message as well. The artist believes that the title of the artwork describes the piece and gives a heads up to the viewer.

Migrating Lines is also working on a collection that will be derived from the Magical World of Dino.

The announcement was made in his latest drop Magical Item #16: Ersom: The Manga Studio.

This collection will be released at a later stage and takes Dino’s Magical World into a different dimension as well.

1- Stay true to your style: Don’t try to copy trends and don’t try to follow existing types of artworks. Show what you can create and show your true colors.

2- Stay away from negative vibes: A lot of people will try to bring you down or people outside the space might not understand the NFT community. Listen to constructive criticism in order to improve your work but don’t let it bring you down.

3- Enjoy what you do: We believe these are the perfect gist of observations from a seasoned artist from the NFT community; Perhaps the three most significant guidelines to be taken into consideration as well.

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