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The Paradox NFT Marketplace Roadmap to Success | by Paradox NFT

Paradox NFT has been on a rigorous path to success ever since founder and owner Leo Bailey dreamt up the all-in-one, one-stop-shop marketplace for non-fungible tokens. In addition to Leo, we have Tank Shake; one of the top SEO professionals in the world, working on bringing all the visible components of Paradox Marketplace and PXBSC together and turning it into a well-oiled machine. Whether you’ve been following Paradox NFT through Telegram or their many social media outlets, you know the team behind Paradox NFT has been working overtime to ensure that the Paradox NFT Coin and Marketplace will be nothing short of spectacular. When it comes to choosing perfection over timeliness, Paradox NFT will always strive for perfection. If you’ve had a chance to invest time or money into their BEP20 collaboration coin, PXBSC, you can quickly tell that shortcuts are not in this team’s vocabulary. No selection or perspective overlooked, no opportunity or feature left unturned; this is the overall mindset of the crypto-warriors powering the Paradox NFT machine.

While there wasn’t much time to lay out all the achievements during the first phase of development and the first half of the second phase of development, Paradox NFT has some notable mentions that the team has achieved over the recent months.


PXBSC is good to go, and you should start stashing these ultra-secure coins while they’re still available at these currently low but extremely healthy prices. Please take some time to look at Paradox NFT’s charts. You can find PXBSC charts available on any of our websites.

The Paradox NFT team has created a completely un-ruggable infrastructure that powers their BEP20 solution. That’s right. They’ve done away with all the worries and fears behind the DeFi community’s rampantly growing “pump and dump” schemes. They achieved this by incorporating a very well-thought-out set of methods to keep the con artists from pulling out the proverbial rug.

With the presence of token generators and other automated tools that promise the creation of tokens to be as easy as a click of a button, many don’t realize what really goes into a token like Paradox NFT Coin. With technology improving every day, one could argue that creating assets like BEP20 tokens could even sound sophomoric. But Paradox NFT Coins are not your regular coin. Not only are they meant to work flawlessly with the upcoming Paradox NFT Marketplace, but they are also ripe and ready to be traded on both small and large scales.

Paradox NFT has released farming and staking options that are currently available on the PADSWAP.EXCHANGE. You can earn farming rewards using PXBSC and BNB as the LP pair.

Paradox hasn’t only been doing big things behind the curtains and in code. Did you hear about the Denver Meet-Up? An extraordinary collaboration with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Paradox NFT, and Enigma. Not to mention tunes by DJ Chris Haven accompanied by a live performance by Rich Vanger (who can put a beat to anything with his banjo and fiddle). If you weren’t able to attend this massively successful event, you seriously missed out. Don’t worry, though; there will be plenty of live events on the horizon. Please keep your eyes peeled for our next event that will open up the opportunities for even more partnerships within the Paradox NFT galaxy’s realm.

Now let’s take a hard left into some of the more technical achievements Paradox NFT has made thus far.

  • The custom server architecture was created and implemented using our almost entirely eco-friendly servers that utilize nearly 100% sustainable energy.
  • Paradox NFT finished the mock development.
  • PXBSC finished the HTML development for the back-end of the website.
  • The base setup and development were completed and put into place.
  • The ROR backend was completed.
  • The Paradox NFT Development team set up the marketplace’s temporary website and set up the PXBSC website ( on its own private server.
  • The custom analytics integration keeps our customer’s data safe and 100% private (no Google Analytics selling your data to 3rd parties).
  • The new and improved SEO servers got a few hardware upgrades that were badly needed.
  • PadSwap was set up for trading.
  • PXBSC was listed on Tokpie and Nomics.
  • The official WordPress plugin was ordered to be integrated with WooCommerce and will become available shortly.
  • All social media channels and outlets have been set up and covered. The marketing team was able to reserve the handle “paradoxnft” for almost every social media account.
  • The websites and Telegram channels were made completely multilingual so everyone across the globe can now read up Paradox NFT.

As the team moves past the first phase and into the first half of phase two, Paradox NFT still has many phases to complete to get them on a level of perfection that they’re accustomed to. The Paradox NFT approach to problem-solving and solutions is like no other. The marketplace will be deployed using the latest technology available and the highest level of security (utilizing the Zero-Trust model). Their custom firewall and security solutions will almost completely eliminate the chances of any known security-related issues while providing up to 50% more protection than even the most prominent marketplaces are currently deploying.

We shouldn’t even have to bring up insider trading as we thought it wasn’t as prevalent in big companies as it currently seems to be. When big companies handling millions of dollars get caught up in insider trading, and it’s made public, it usually means that you’re only getting the tip of the iceberg. Just like with most tech leaks and security issues, they are downplayed as much as possible. With Paradox NFT, this won’t be something that they will tolerate. Paradox NFT has taken the time to take the necessary steps to properly train their staff about proper trading techniques so that nothing like this will ever become an issue for them.

Milestones already achieved throughout the second phase of development:

  • Smart Contract Development.
  • A long list of partnerships and collaborative projects that will be a part of the Paradox NFT Marketplace bloodline.
  • Exclusive trading partnerships on the Paradox NFT Marketplace.
  • And more phase two projects TBA. & CoinGecko

PXBSC is quite possibly the lowest market cap cryptocurrency to list on an exchange in the top 50!

Spoiled Banana Society

Right about now, you are going to see a slight dip coming from the dev wallet. However, there is no reason to be alarmed. This is just Paradox NFT integrating the Secret Banana Society (@spoiledbananasociety )into the Paradox NFT Marketplace.

Paradox NFT is not only integrating the fantasy football platform into the marketplace, it is highly involved in the development of the project itself. This is going to be only one of many game-changers built into the marketplace with exclusive trading rights.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Written By: Paradox NFT (2021)

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