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Private Sale Round. The Private Sale will start on October… | by Corgi NFT Game

The Private Sale will start on October 2nd at 23:30 PM (UTC) on our website. The sale is on a first-come-first-serve basis and will automatically close after 24 hours if the Hardcap is reached. Closed on October 3rd at 23:30 PM (UTC).

  • Min/Max BUY: 100–1000 BUSD
  • Price: 0.1$/COR
  • Wallets whitelisted: 2000
  • Max private sale allocation: 5,000,000 COR
  • Hardcap: 500,000 BUSD

Step 1: Check if you are in the Whitelist allowed to buy the private sale or not?

How to check: Just paste the wallet address that participated in the Airdrop task at this link: > Private Sale

Step 2: To buy quickly, prepare BUSD and a bit BNB as transaction fee in your wallet. (See why i need a bit BNB)

Step 3: Check your email or visit the link: > Private Sale

Step 4: Select connect wallet. We recommend using Metamask wallet for convenience when connecting

Step 5: Select the amount of BUSD you want to use to buy COR tokens. Each wallet address can buy from a minimum of 100 BUSD to a maximum of 1000 BUSD

You need a bit of BNB in ​​your wallet as the transaction fee. Transaction fee according to the general fee is 0.17$ — 0.2$

Wait a few seconds and you will see this pop-up message that means you have successfully purchased

You can buy multiple times, the total token value of all purchases is up to 1000 BUSD per whitelist wallet

Step 6: You will not receive COR tokens immediately, please wait until October 23 to claim. And you will have full rights to trade, buy, sell, and hold COR your way.

Note: Private sale round is held on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis, we will close the Private Sale if we sell all 5,000,000 COR. The corresponding hard cap is 500,000 BUSD. Therefore, decide early so as not to be late.

First-come-first-served (FCFS) is an operating system process scheduling algorithm and a network routing management mechanism that automatically executes queued requests and processes by the order of their arrival. What comes first is handled first; the next request in line will be executed once the one before it is complete.

The system takes a few seconds to display the COR balance. Try F5 if you don’t see it

If you connect the wallet with our website. You will see the COR token balance on Private sale box. You can claim them on October 25

Here is the link to view contract on BSCScan

Note: You can only buy COR tokens through our platform. We will list Pancakeswap on October 10th. Any token with the same name on Pancakeswap before October 10th may be fake.

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