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Roadmap Update: Changes to Kart Racing League Schedule | by Kart Racing League

We are pleased to share an important update to the KRL community, which covers our roadmap for the next 6–12 months, as well as some exciting developments behind the scenes.

Strategic partnership

To begin, we are very excited to announce that we are currently in talks with a top-5 blockchain protocol regarding a formal strategic partnership. We will share more details on this in the coming weeks.

This partnership will be huge for the Kart Racing League game, and for the KRL pre-sale token holders; since this will not only give us exposure to a community of hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts, but also access to the biggest VCs/investors in the space that we hope will help us close off our pre-sale fundraising round with an addition 6-figures of capital.

Pre-sale ending, public sale coming soon

All funds raised to this point are classed as pre-sale and seed rounds. Shortly after the end of pre-sale, we will be offering an additional 300m KRL tokens via a public sale. We will conduct this sale via a Balancer launchpad, and the sale will be facilitated by a KRL-bridged Ethereum or USDT liquidity pool on Mainnet. This Public Sale will run for 5 days before we add liquidity to one of the leading DEXs.

Key Dates

Given these changes, some technical hurdles, and the climate of the crypto-market, we are delaying the game launch as well. We will be offering a closed beta of the game in the middle of the month; however, to participate, you must be an owner of a Racer NFT and a KRL token holder. Seed NFT buyers will also qualify for the Kart Racing League beta.

Here is a summation of the fixed dates for the month of October:
– October 15= Game trailer release
– October 22 = Closed Beta of Kart Racing League

Here are the scheduled dates for November:
– November 12: Public sale begins, lasting 5 days, on the Balancer Liquidity Pool (BLP) platform
– November 16: Public BLP sale ends
– November 18: SushiSwap listing for $KRL
– November 19: Game is fully-released on mobile/pc

The following dates have not yet been finalized, but are expected to occur in late early November:
• NFT marketplace is launched, allowing users to resell, lend, and borrow NFTs purchases
• EoC in-game cryptocurrency is fair launched
• E-sports tournaments begin

Here are the long-term plans moving forward:

• NFT character evolution system begins
• KRL Staking

• $KRL ecosystem begins
• Governance initiated

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the team on Telegram. We would kindly ask for your patience over the next few weeks as we make this game a massive success for all of you!

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