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Corgi NFT Game — Brand new potential NFT Game | by Corgi NFT Game

CorgiNFT — New blockchain game with impressive graphics

Corgi NFT Game is a turn-based strategy game built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform. The game has similar gameplay to the worldwide hit game — Axie Infinity.

Highlights here are that the game focuses on character elements and building lands. There are 4 main elements in the game: Earth — Fire — Air — Water, from which form 4 different types of characters: Dog (Earth-type), Cat (Fire-type), Bird (Air-type), Shark (Water-type). Players will build a random team of pets, equip them with different types of items and bring the team to a battle. On the way to adventure, passing by lands, players can take possession and upgrade these lands into barracks to train their pets with special skills, making them real warriors.

Recent project highlight: Corgi NFT Game had won potential NFT game at Game2Blockchain contest organized by AXS, Tomo Chain, Kyber Network, VCC Exchange, Hub Global Fund in August 2021.

Gameplay: Corgi NFT Game takes players into a large fantasy world, where they are free to show their abilities to build an army of pets and territories. The plot has depth, throughout is a journey full of struggles between The Light (Good) and The Dark (Evil) full of drama and surprise by adventure mode or hidden map mode. Players can fully experience the game at many levels of true gaming emotions, not simply like the current boring Click to earn gameplay.

On Binance Smart Chain, you will own elemental eggs that will spawn random animals. Called NFT pets, they can be traded as NFT assets. Each pet is unique and exists forever.

Turn-based game (Turn-based strategy game) revolves around 4 main groups of characters representing 4 elements: Dog — Earth element, Cat — Fire element, Bird — Air element, Shark — element Water

Random Animal Match, Animal Battle (PVE-PVP), Animal Upgrade, Build, Decorate Animal Training Camp. Animals and in-game items exist in the form of NFTs that can be bought, sold, and auctioned.

A team will consist of 4 slots with 4 characteristic attributes: Earth — Fire — Air — Water and the incompatible mechanics in the game are Earth >< Water; Water engraves Fire; Fire etched Air; Air carved Earth

Each pet spawned will have random stats of HP, ATK, Defense, Rarity and fixed 100 staminas. The rarity ranges from 1 to 5 stars, the higher the rarity, the higher the pet’s base stats at LV1. Random appearance (Ears, eyes, mouth, tail, forehead, pattern). Each pet in any element will have an advantage when fighting in that environment. For example, the Corgi Dog (Earth) is added with HP and Attack, Defense when fighting on the Earth map. This will also create different strategies for players in the process of building a team to fight at each map or in specific events.

Gameplay Trailer

Each elemental egg will randomly spawn an animal of the same type with a rarity of 1 to 5 stars

Each pet hatched from an elemental egg will have a random rarity from 1 star to 5 stars. Rate of 1 star: 70%; 2 stars: 20%; 3 stars: 7%; 4 stars: 2.9% and 5 stars: 0.1%. The higher the rarity, the higher the base stats.

The rate of getting animals with rarity from 1 star to 5 star is very different.

The second child will have at least 1 gene inherited from the father and mother from appearance to index characteristics, star level. Plus the percentage of new dominant genes. This mechanism you will discover on your own through the game.

According to the natural mating mechanism, the higher the star level, the lower the success rate of mating, ensuring that the number of animals with high rarity (4–5 stars) is always low.

CorgiGame is invested in quite detailed and elaborate, the males and females will have different bodies

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace is a place that allows you to Buy — Sell pets, items, buildings and lands. The currency for trading on the marketplace is the $COR token.

Each pet you receive is a unique NFT. Breed, train and build your own kingdom in CorgiGame Metaverse

Bonus mechanism and equipment upgrade

There are 5 types of equipment used including Hats; Off-hand weapons; One-hand weapons; Glasses; Backpacks. You can only get these items by (1) Buying from equipment chests on the NFT market for items; (2) Fight in PVE maps, kill creeps or bosses to get equipment chest rewards. Each piece of equipment has 3 levels from 1 star to 3 stars.

Equipment has a level from 1 star to 3 stars

Each different type of equipment will add different HP, ATK, and Defense stats. You can upgrade equipment using the Fusion feature: Matching 2 1-star equipment will produce 2 stars with a 50% success rate; Matching 3 2-star equipment will produce 3 stars with a success rate of 30%; If the fusion fails, 1 item will be lost as a material.

Lots of equipment and fashion items for you to choose from for your team

There are 5 types of equipment used including Hats; Off-hand weapons; One-hand weapons; Glasses; Backpacks

You need a squad with at least 4 pets to join the battle

Play to Earn mechanism

Adventure mode

There are a wide range of maps in PVE mode (adventure mode) for you to explore the whole world in Corgi NFT Game: Hunting for unique fashion sets, finding treasures in each land, owning conquered territories and optionally building your own pet kingdom…

Rewards, when players win at adventure battles, are SPET (seven-coloured stones) bonus tokens and equipment. SPET is the currency used to upgrade the farm, the land and also, to upgrade your warriors and mating.

Do many tasks to get SPET and many valuable NFTs

To collect more SPET, do multiple quests. SPET is an in-game bonus token. Using SPET, players can upgrade items, animal combinations or items to decorate, upgrade, build buildings and land in the game. Each plot of land and building is built to show the ability and tactics of each player because each land will create interesting things with its skills according to that area. The number of land in the game is fixed with 16096 areas divided into 4 terrains Plain-Volcano-Snow-Water; Therefore, the value of these lands will become more and more scarce as the number of players increases.

Gameplay Demo

PVP game mode

A team that is eligible to fight requires a minimum of 4 pets (no matter the type). Players use the formation of their choice to participate in the match against other random players.

Corgi NFT Game’s PVP mechanism has a new point compared to many other blockchain games in the betting feature. Players will bet an arbitrary number of SPETs with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 1000 before entering a PVP match. If you win, you will receive 95% of the SPET bet, with this mechanism will not increase the amount of SPET generated during the game, keeping SPET from inflation and depreciating too much.

COR has a total supply of 100 million tokens. The team holds only 16% and all these tokens are locked; Team tokens are locked for the first 6 months and will be vested over a period of 28 months total. Starting from 30/3/2022, 2 million CORs will be transferred. For every following month, 500,000 CORs will be gradually released. The team list may be updated during the 28 month vesting period. 24 million tokens (equivalent to 24%) are used as a fund for the whole ecosystem (Ecosystem Fund). 22 million tokens (equivalent to 22%) are farming rewards split into multiple monthly open pools where players can earn COR by adding liquidity pairs COR/USDT, COR/BNB or COR/BUSD.

Token COR has a maximum total supply of 100 million

The COR token can also be used in other cases:

Staking: Players can stake pets at Mining Camp to collect COR tokens. The rarer the summoned beast, the higher the collection speed.

Farming: Besides competing for power stakes to collect COR, players can also farm on COR/USDT, COR/BNB or COR/BUSD pairs. Farming is rewarded with COR tokens at pools that are opened periodically every month. This is for the purpose of maintaining account stability, keeping the value of the COR token stable throughout the development of the game.

Game flow of Corgi NFT Game uses COR token

$COR is listed on Pancakeswap from October 10th (UTC)


You can buy now on Pancakeswap:

The Corgi NFT Game telegram group has more than 39 thousands members and this number continues to increase. Let’s join our community here:

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