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Harmony ($ONE) reaches a market capitalization of $3 billion as ecosystem flourishes | by Brainhead’s Newsletter

The Harmony protocol has continued it’s momentum with increasing total value locked in DeFi applications, new projects and developers building on the network, and some great achievements from native projects from the ecosystem.

In the last 30 days, Harmony has seen tremendous user engagement and ecosystem growth as the protocol continues an immense fund to support the Harmony blockchain, with over $300 million dollars in ONE tokens up for grabs. Circulating in news channels and social media, the Harmony ecosystem has seen a stupendous run over the last 90 days and seems like the bull run is in full effect since the summer lull due to the flash crash in May after China cracked down on local miners in the country, which cause a decrease in the Bitcoin hash rate and an extended sell off throughout the greater crypto market.

The Harmony ($ONE) token has seen additional volume and great support above .20 after pushing through the resistance region of .18-.20. On average, the Harmony token has seen double the amount of volume compared to early October after breaking that resistance which now holds as support. The token remains to look bullish fundamentally and technically but still shows signs of testing the 100-day moving average on a 30 minute chart, at around .27-.30 price range.

Fundamentally, I couldn’t be more bullish on the Harmony ecosystem, here are some advancements, accomplishments and milestones of projects and dApps building on the blockchain.

DeFi Kingdoms ($JEWEL) has exceeded expectations and has continued to develop it’s mission to become the most dominant DEX on Harmony by solidifying over $250 million dollars in total value locked in the protocol, more than doubling and dethroning Sushi as number one. The team has recent deployed it’s beta for the Tavern, where users are able to buy and sell Heroes on the platform, check it out here.

Total Value Locked: $250,388,556.22
Current APRs: Up to 1,928.85%
JEWEL Price: $5.23

VenomDAO’s ViperSwap ($VIPER) has recently been listed on, which was found really receptive from the Snek Community. After successfully gaining listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap the VenomDAO team has been quietly working on the reach of the ViperSwap platform. The $VIPER token has seen over 300% in gains in the last 30 days, and over a 89% increase in total value locked last week according to data by CryptoDep.

Total Value Locked: $44,795,046.93
Current APRs: Up to 730.03%
VIPER Price: $1.27

Artemis Protocol ($MIS) is a new native Harmony launchpad which has seen incredible growth after launching, supporting native Harmony projects such as FarmersOnly and Tranquil Finance, users can use Artemis Protocol’s Incubator to stake MIS and xToken to receive xToken or solely staking MIS to earn xToken and vice versa. By helping bootstrap newer projects the protocol lets MIS holders take advantage of new launches and to gain steady yield on their assets by staking. Users can also provide liquidity to earn passive income and earn rewards. The token has performed very well in the last 10 days, with a 5x return from a low of about $1.10.

Total Value Locked: $19,043,957.87
Current APRs: Up to 1,294.92%
MIS Price: $5.96

Fuzz Finance ($FUZZ) is another project which is known as a small-cap gem in the ecosystem, building a fundamental basis of staking incorporating the Harmony validator to give users an additional 20% yield on assets if they choose to stake in the Fuzz Finance staking pool, further supporting Harmony’s goal of decentralization. Out of the 90 million FUZZ supply, 5.7 million has burnt which has been deflationary due to demand for the FUZZ token and over 93% of the circulating supply is staked inside FUZZ staking pools across the platform. Waiting for Chainlink to deploy to Harmony mainnet, Fuzz Finance anticipates borrowing and lending coming soon.

Total Value Locked: $5,916,464.40
Current APRs: Up to 589%
FUZZ Price: $0.05

BossSwap Finance ($BOSS) is another play the gamification of DEXes piggy-backing on the tokenomics and approach of the already successful DeFi Kingdoms. The team has been very active on socials and has done some Harmony NFT giveaways including Harmony Whales and Pixel Pirates. The team has an AMA on the Harmony telegram tomorrow on October 29th at 4PM UTC.

Total Value Locked: $5,404,521.34
Current APRs: Up to 15,848.71%
BOSS Price: $0.34

FarmersOnlyFi ($FOX) is the first native vault on Harmony, beating Beefy Finance launch to the ecosystem where it allows users to ZAP ONE tokens to LP tokens for the respective LP token pools. For example, a user can ZAP ONE tokens to a FOX-USDC pool, and let the protocol auto-compound that yield in only ONE transaction, vaults can earn up to 17,536,158% compounding per year at the time of writing. FarmersOnly also features Cryptina DeFi Alerts which alerts users about brand new farming pairs on new and existing farms, supporting Harmony, Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain networks. FarmersOnly also supports multi-chain farm statistics for these chains as well.

Total Value Locked: $4,009,546.93
Current APRs: Up to 965.15%
FOX Price: $31.90

FATExDAO ($FATE) is another small cap gem that has not had many attention amongst the Harmony crowd but has been on a tear in price action. In the last 7 days, the FATE token has seen as much as a 1,500% increase and is currently sitting at around .06, with over 900% in gains in the past week. The FATExDAO interface has successfully gone through a v2 UI update which has seen positive reception from the DAO members. Focusing on the DAO, the FATExDAO continuously discusses proposals frequently and always has the community vote on what the DAO should next.

Total Value Locked: $1,431,483.31
Current APRs: Up to 7413.52%
FATE Price: $0.06

SonicSwap.IO ($SONIC) has recently deployed their staking pool to further expand on the decentralization of the Harmony network and to support deflationary mechanisms to the SONIC token. All fees generated from the staking pool are used to buyback and burn SONIC adding to the already intensive burning that is incorporated into the protocol. Focusing on NFTs, SonicSwap has already successfully had two raffles where users can buy raffle tickets to be able to obtain a rare NFT, 50% of the total amount of SONIC in the raffle pool to the beneficiary and winner and the rest being burned, solely available to SonicSwap. Sonic is the first native DEX on Harmony to bring FTM, AVAX and SCRT tokens to Harmony farming.

Total Value Locked: $1,126,506.88
Current APRs: Up to 4650.41%
SONIC Price: $0.04

Check out more Harmony DeFi protocols below:

OpenSwap, ($oSWAP), $7,911,037.18 TVL
PiggyBankONE, ($COINK), $1,201,141.99 TVL
Cosmic Universe, ($MAGIC), $1,602,410.91 TVL
Adena Finance, ($ADENA), $1,575,424.13 TVL

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