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Compensation Plan. 💋 Thanks for your unwavering support… | by Hunny Finance | Hunny Finance

💋 Thanks for your unwavering support towards Hunny Finance for the past 5 months. As HunnyPlay has been growing exponentially, we decided to further create awareness, getting more users to experience HunnyPlay with our compensation plan. Users can anticipate more from Team Hunny with the upcoming NFT Marketplace, HunnyPoker V2.0, and P2E game.

Am I qualified for this compensation?

1.5 million $HUNNY (Dev Fund) will be distributed across users’ HunnyPlay account daily, over a span of 90 days based on the snapshot of your staked $HUNNY before the incident. We will have an accurate count of $HUNNY possessed by all HUNNY Holders from our snapshot. HUNNY Holders must have had HUNNY at the time of the incident and that amount is not sold until now.

For example:

-You had 1000 HUNNY before the incident and 0 HUNNY sold until compensation starts. The eligible balance is 1000 HUNNY.

-You had 1000 HUNNY before the incident, but you sold 500 HUNNY until compensation starts. The eligible balance is 500 HUNNY.

-You had 1000 HUNNY during the snapshot and you sold 1000 HUNNY, but you buyback 1000 HUNNY until compensation starts. The eligible balance is 1000 HUNNY.

It doesn’t matter if your $Hunny is in your wallet or staked, we will be able to track it. Also, although there are only 2 snapshots, we reserve the right to do a third and more after compensation of 90 days starts. This is to ensure fairness to those that continue to hold Hunny tokens.

What happens in the 90 Days Period

On top of that, for the month of November, December 2021, and January 2022, Team Hunny will be contributing the following:

– 50% of the profits from Hunny NFT Marketplace will be used for buyback and burn

– 50% of the profits from HunnyJar will be distributed back to the community via HunnyPlay

– 50% of the profits from HunnyPlay will be distributed back to the community via HunnyPlay

How to claim your compensation on HunnyPlay

Subscription Period (7 days): 5th — 12th Nov 2021, 11:00 UTC

You can simply connect your wallet to and select “Subscribe” to receive compensation in Hunny tokens.

Token Distribution Period (90 days)

Daily payouts to compensation in your HunnyPlay account. You can see your available HUNNY amount to claim. When you claim, HUNNY token amount should be added to your HunnyPlay account balance.

Do take note that you are free to withdraw $HUNNY from HunnyPlay or play with the credits.

About Hunny

🍯 Hunny aims to be the most engaging and fun DeFi destination built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). On top of that, they are developing a brand new and unprecedented gamified farming playground ♠️♥️♣️♦️🎰🎲 where every user can enjoy high yields and exciting games at the same time.

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