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Mega Give Away — Something for all. | by BIZARTREE CLUB

Manimals Cryogenic Chamber NFT
Manimals Cryogenic Chamber NFT Giveaway


As recently announced on Bizartree social channels, Bizartree is giving away Manimals’s Cryogenic Chamber NFT to the community. The Giveaway will be held in two rounds. In the first round 50 NFTs will be given away for free just by performing simple tasks.

In the second round another 50 NFTs will be available for the giveaway. Details of second round will be revealed at a later stage.

Manimals Cryogenic chamber NFT are rare of its kind and only 30 cryogenic chambers of each of the 5 Manimals will ever exist.

Now wait! This giveaway is going to bring something for all as we consider each one of you as a valued part of the community. There will be 50 Winners picked by team Bizartree and for those who fail to win will receive Limited Edition Bizartree Gold Club NFT for sure. So it’s going to be a win win situation for all.

Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity

How to Participate?

Just follow the following simple tasks, submit the short quick form and you are done.

· Follow our twitter

· Retweet this tweet, with #Manimal (Important)

· Join our telegram Announcement channel

· Join the medium

· Fill this form to submit the details.

The Window period for participating is limited and may end soon. So rush. Results will be announced on our official social channels.

“Happy collecting, crafting and trading”.






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