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First NFT Barr Airdrop and Yield Farming! | by First NFT Bar

First NFT Bar team has prepared a unique incentive system for token and NFT card holders. We have already locked 5% tokens from total supply in order to share them with our community! As soon as the second NFT barrel opens, stats $FNB Airdrop! Required condition for participation in Airdrop is holding $FNB and not selling for a period of time!

Airdrop will last for 5 days! First NFT Bar team prepared 6 well known tasks, you will have to fulfill them in order to get your Airdrop reward! All you need is to be attentive and follow the rules! This is the first part of our Airdrop strategy.

Moreover Yield Farming will be available at the end of 2021 year. Yield farming conditions are going to be announced later. You don’t need to use third party services. Our Dashboard also includes this feature! There you can check your daily income using Yield Farming Interest Calculator!

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