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First-Ever NFT Black Friday Sale! | by DirtyPigs NFT

Hola DirtyPig Family!

Firstly, I want to take time to thank YOU, and show a ton of love and appreciation for YOU…

…this community never ceases to amaze me, and because of you guys, we had a bigger and better Black Friday than we planned out for (*you’ll hear all about it shortly)

First, I want to give you a quick update of everything that’s happening right now before we jump into the dirtiness that was our Inaugural Black Friday Sale — and the first-ever in the NFT Space

Here’s a glimpse of what the team is working hard on behind the scenes for this community:

  1. Real World NFT + Apparel Store is opening on Main Street in Amsterdam. This is going to be a world-first, and bring NFT’s to the real world in a way that is easily accessible, funky, and fun for them! The design for the store is going to blow you away… more soon 😉
  2. Metaverse Store is in the process of being finalized. We’ve got the design down, we’re simply shopping for land in SB and DL. People are going to be able to purchase apparel whilst in the Metaverse and have it shipped directly to their door in real life. Again, this is going to be a world-first
  3. Relationships with Zalando, ASOS, Fruugo, CDON, and more. All are leading online retailers that will get your NFT’s in the face of Europe, Scandinavia, and 42 countries around the world! P.S: you get a royalty if your NFT sells on anything…
  4. Dirty projects in the works… apart from Dodgy Slimy Men, MetaFluff, and Pigasso’s dropping soon — we also have some pixelated pirates, ninjabots, and 3D designs incoming for you. And yes, of course, they’re a little diiiiiirty
  5. And other stuff funky we can’t release just yet 🤫🤫🤫

Here’s what you guys created…

…in 48 hours you minted 3,100+ FREE NFT’s!

And in the process, you raised thousands for causes that are tackling inequalities and injustices around the world, including:

  • Refugees and Basic Human Rights
  • Poverty and Racial Divide
  • Elderly Care
  • Women’s Rights
  • Abuse of Power under the excuse of capitalism
  • Child poverty
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Animal Welfare
  • Genocide
  • Aspiring Artists

That’s all because of you! So, once again — thank you! What a huge success it was

In fact, it was so successful we’re gifting you a special opportunity

We’re keeping the sale running for you to say thank you!

Yep — if you’re reading this it may or may not be too late — but every 24 hours we’re dropping the % sale by an unknown amount for an unknown time period

We started at 90% off for 24 hours and then dropped it and it’ll continue to drop for as long as KingPig decides

Hurry! You might still be able to grab this special deal on your favourite NFT collection here

Happy shopping!

Do you suffer from a case of the “bud lucksies”?

Do you join those “blind mint” projects — only to get one of the least-rare NFT’s in the project?

Yeah, we think it sucks too. But we want to celebrate it instead!

That’s why, if you get the #10,000 from any of our collections, we’re gifting you 0.2ETH!

Who said being unlucky was a bad thing?

That’s all for now folks! We need to get back to building out these universe & metaverse stores and keep creating and building for this wonderful community!

If you’re not in the discord community yet, we’d love to see your face in the pigsty — you can join here here

And if you’re not following us on Twitter — you’re missing out… literally, on special announcements AND bad jokes + more. Follow along here

Until the next article, stay dirty, fam!

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