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Readl NFT Fairdrop, powered by Automata | by Automata Network | Automata Network

Happy to share we’re working with READL – Decentralized Platform for Publishing, the first decentralized NFT Books & Collectibles marketplace, to support their NFT Fairdrop! The project has partnered with standout artists to illustrate its initial collection, and the airdrop, consisting 100 copies of 10 classical books, will leverage Conveyor’s technology.

“The larger picture is about replacing the inherited “paper of record” with distributed, cryptographic truth. Metadata becomes verificable with each on-chain transaction, and we want to immortalize our literature in a fair and accessible way with the Fairdrop powered by Automata Network.”

– Nuno Figueiredo, Co-founder & Product Owner at Readl

While what makes an ideal NFT launch is up for discussion, we think unexploitable fairness is a good place to start. NFT mints, especially lucrative ones, are ripe for adversarial actors to outskill the average user by bypassing the frontend and on occasions, even the mempool.

With Conveyor, timestamps offer proof-of-first, which enables participants to enjoy a fair NFT journey, and creates an engaged community in the long run. Collaborating with Readl is Automata’s first foray into the metaverse, one that showcases our commitment to allowing everyone to mint NFTs at a fair price floor, without favouring any technically-advanced, privileged parties — whether they are block producers, bot operators, or MEV extractors.

With its efforts towards progressing a fair Web3, we are happy to continue working with the Readl team on their journey. Ideologies often have a backend, and a frontend — the latter are the words, meanings and connotations associated with them. The backend is their actual substance, where building actually happens, how they are implemented on the ground.

With the Automata Ecosystem Incentive Program, we hope to build a reputation for fairness and thoughtfulness not only for ourselves, but to grow the space together with like-minded projects.

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