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YETU NFTs Static Beta Website is Available for the Community | by Euclides Manuel | Yetuswap

YETU NFTs Home Page

We inform our community that the static Beta version of our NFT Marketplace is now available.

The community can now visit the website to get an idea of what our NFT platform will really look like. To visit just go to YETU NFTs.

Create Page of YETU NFTs

Inside the website you can see the Home page, How it works, community and Create, to have an idea on how to create NFTs on our platform.

Until we launch the platform on the mainnet we will make some changes, but the design will be similar of the presented on the website.

We are finishing the integration of YETU NFTs smart contracts. The release date will be December 10–15, 2021. We will inform the community about the release date. We will announce details about the Metaverse after the launch of the NFT Market.

YETU NFTs is an NFT marketplace that allows artists and the wider community to create, sell and buy NFTs in an open and decentralized marketplace.

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