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COSMOS SuperrareNFT 💲 – Omar Chbagbag

Dec 22, 2021

Check more than this collection, it’s the new project Cosmos, it’s a project proposed by the artist Babaji Kumaresan and from his previous works SuperPunks and TheBEAST… Cosmos superrare NFT project was launched on OpenSea these days with 10 Ethereum mint price and the really exciting thing is that you can get it for free then Sell ​​it at the price you want, just join our Discord:
some COSMOS NFt :

point_rightOpensea links :

dogDogeElon NFT


white_check_markEThraise 3D Art

white_check_mark THEBEAST NFT 5000 Galactic Warrior firefire
Minting Websites:point_down

crossed_swordsLast 1800 rare SuperPunks Minting website point_down

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