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Chakra-The Invincible and Seven Chakra Powers NFT collection | by hadhiraqailah | Nerd For Tech

Chakra-The Invincible is trending these days with the great NFT collection launch coming. Chakra-The Invincible is one of the best and meaningful superheroes created by the Marvel Creator Stan Lee.

According to Stan Lee, he created Chakra to bring the eastern and western concepts together in a superhero story and he beautifully did that. You will know how when you reach the end of this page.

Stan Lee and his creativity on Chakra-The Invincible

Chakra the Invincible is the only Indian Superhero co-created by Stan Lee along with Graphic India. Stan Lee beautifully correlated the Indian ancient chakras of energy with Superpowers and changed a small weak boy Raju rai to a superhero. The superhero has 7 superpowers based on the 7 energy chakras of the body. The Raksha chakra protects him, vision chakra helps him to make his suit appear and disappear, voice chakra helps him find the truth, and so on. He can also fly with the help of root chakra. Lets see all the chakras and his powers in detail in this article.

This is really enchanting how Stan Lee beautifully stitches two extremely different ideas into one.

The seven chakra Powers

In Meditation, they use the word chakra (which means wheels in Sanskrit). Chakras are the points of energy concentration in the body. Unblocking them, regulates the energy flow and maintains health in the body. See how Stan Lee correlated every chakra with Chakra The invincible.

Root Chakra

Allows Raju’s to erupt yellow flames and fly. In Vedas, the Root chakra is responsible for life.

Raksha chakra

Raksha means protection. As the name suggests, when Raju shouts Raksha chakra activate, he forms a protective shield around him that can protect him from any bad forces

Solar chakra

This chakra allows him to shoot energy blasts from his hands. This helps him to destroy his enemies in a blink of an eye.

Heart Chakra

This chakra gives the power of healing and invulnerability. It can be activated only with a clear mind and compassion.

Voice chakra

The voice chakra gives a sixth sense to know the truth. This gives the chakra a special power to know the truth. He can find out if the people in front of him lie to him.

Vision chakra

This chakra is responsible for the power to control Illusions and suits. The suit that chakra wears is attached to the body and he can’t remove it. This is because of some Nanides nanotechnology that will attach the suit with his body permanently. So he takes the power of Vision Chakra and makes the suit appear and disappear whenever he wants. But originally the suit will be attached to him.

Crown Chakra

Crown chakra is the most powerful chakra and it gives the power of Consciousness. In the entire story, Chakra uses this power only once. He attained this power at the beginning when he got attached to the suit. He gets to see a glimpse of a dangerous future that awaits him.

The seven Chakra’s Power NFTs

The chakra NFT collection has some special NFTs based on these 7 chakra powers. This includes 7 unique 3D animations of Chakra displaying his 7 powers. One can own any of these 7 by participating in 7 different 1/1 auctions that will be held on the 99th birth anniversary of Stan Lee. This is a rare NFTs in the entire collection. This is because it is based on the grown-up version of Chakra- The invincible. Back in 2012 and early 2013, the child version of chakra the invincible was released as a 3 sequel movie. It is close to Stan’s heart that he started creating the grownup version for a live-action prior to his passing.

The winners of the 7 auctions will receive a rare limited edition lithograph of Chakra the invincible, which was personally hand-signed by Stan Lee years ago.

Wrap Up

These special creations of Stan Lee will be out for auctions soon and fans are already ready to get their hands on a limited edition collectible. This is a treat for all the stan fans out there. You can explore the special NFT collection in the official or orange comet sites.

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