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BeyondLife.Club Launches ‘Enter The Chakraverse’ Collection By Orange Comet Along With POW Entertainment | by Rubyjo | Nerd For Tech

After its inaugural stint with Amitabh Bachchan’s NFT launch, the Singapore-based BeyondLife.Club is dropping its first-ever comic NFT — Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT collection.

Called Chakraverse, the chakra-specific metaverse platform is set to become a hub for Stan Lee’s first Indian superhero chakra (The invincible). Bestowing utility and use cases on digital assets (like the NFTs) could create more value for collectors and creators. Also, that could grant access to the virtual metaverse and empower multiple entertainment.

To commemorate the late Stan Lee’s 99th birthday, BeyondLife.Club is publishing its first comic, chakraverse, which embodies seven chakra powers in animated videos. Speculated to become “the metaverse of comic NFTs,” the chakraverse has drawn attention from far and wide. So to straighten out the craze around comic NFTs, we’ve created an ultimate guide to help explain the project’s explosive trajectory.

Chakraverse is a project spearheaded by the NFT launchpad, BeyondLife.Club, which is powered by GuardianLink (NFT tech facilitator). It’s worth a mention — Orange Comet — an American NFT production company, is also playing a vital role in the launch.

From the beginning, Chakra NFT presented a unique opportunity as a unique comic NFT that provided utility to its collectors. Consisting of 6000+ unique NFTs, the NFT enthusiasts will get categorical tokens ranging from rare to common and legendary. Remember, you can access Stan Lee’s chakra NFT collection from December 28, 2021.

Upon purchasing, collectors will receive NFTs depicting various chakra characters along with animated NFT videos. Full of action and suspense, the substance of the comic comes from Stan Lee (the legendary comic creator) and Sharad Devarajan (founder of Graphic India).

The comic’s protagonist is Raju Rai, a Mumbai-based 14-year-old Tech whiz, created by the scientist Dr. Singh (Raju’s mentor). The antagonist is Boss Yama, from whom chakra (aka) Raju Rai intends to save Mumbai (from)! The chakra NFT pays homage to the legendary creator in Stan Lee, while bringing CryptoPunks to life in a whimsical and creative way.

This new platform, BeyondLife.Club, built on the technical supervision of GuardianLink, offers a super-fast and low-fee Proof-of-Stake mechanism. It gives comics creators the toolkit to easily mint their stories on Paras Comic. All new comic intellectual property (IP) will be exclusive to the secondary NFT marketplace.

To buy an NFT, users simply have to register with the launchpad and fund their wallet. Chakra collectibles will also be available on BeyondLife.Club’s marketplace shortly after the auction ends. All collectibles are transferable through the marketplace ecosystem.

Animated comic book cover — this is the first 3D trading collectible card of the chakraverse. The never-seen-before original 3D covers bring life to the comic characters. He is exactly the hero the people need to defeat the Defenders Of Fiat who have stripped the people of their basic freedoms. Moreover, the winners (of each auction) will receive a hand-signed lithograph.

With the extent of these incentives having rolled out in the last few weeks, there’s no telling what could happen during the auction. Having received a decent amount of press both within and outside of the NFT community, the chakra NFT collection has garnered enough traction.

As always, while making investment decisions, do your own research (DYOR) before proceeding!

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