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Recollecting Stan Lee’s Unique superhero Chakra-The Invincible: Join the launch of the Chakra NFT collection | by hadhiraqailah | Nerd For Tech

Stan Lee, the Marvel comic creator behind the success of many superheroes, also created a unique superhero based in India. With diverse Indian Culture, yogic and meditation practices Stan Lee was inspired to create a superhero based on the energy chakras. In 2012 he came up with a new superhero called Chakra-The Invincible collaborating with Graphic India. The story was released as a comic and as well as a 3 sequel animated movie in 2013 on Cartoon Network.

Stan Lee’s Unseen works

After his death, fans are always watching out for his works. They were even interested in knowing his last work. There are many unreleased works of Stan Lee that fans are engrossed about. There were talks about a character named Dirt Man which he was working with his daughter on his last days.

In the list of his unreleased works, one unique character would be the Chakra’s Grownup version. The Chakra animated NFT videos from the Chakra NFT collection would include the 3D animation of the grownup chakra, created by Stan Lee before his passing.

Not only this, but the collection also includes a special NFT package which is Stan Lee’s Bday special NFT. The Package includes an unseen character which Stan Lee worked for decades. He named this unique character “The Power of Percy The Gentle”. The NFT will be out for auction on December 28th and the auction will go on for 3 days. Check out the official page for the auction countdown.

A new year feast for Stan Fans

Every Stan Lee Fan out there must get a chance to own a piece of his legacy. There are many affordable Limited edition art punks in the collection. The Chakra Artpunk Loot Box can be owned through a blind purchase and a Chakra comic character will be assigned. There are 6865 unique characters, originally created by Stan. The Jumbo jukebox includes a variety of rare comic book covers for the fans to add to their comic collection.

There are also other collections like the Artpunks (15 unique characters), Seven Chakra powers( 7 unique 3D animations), animated living comic book covers (2 unique covers). These items will be out for auctions and every item has a different minimum auction price.

Making a Mark in the market

Superhero NFTs created by DC Comics and Marvel collaborating with VeVe are still out there in the market. But unseen comic covers, personally signed copies of 1st ever Chakra Comics, unseen works of Stan Lee are included only in this NFT collection. So fans are keen to know more and own this collection.

NFTs are getting minted every day. Finding a rare and unique one to invest in is difficult. This collection would set a mark of extremely rare collectibles in the market making the NFT enthusiasts and comic lovers show interest in this collection.

Final thoughts on the collection

The Chakra NFT collection is coming out soon making the fans anticipate owning the original artwork of Stan Lee. The collection is launching on 27th and 28th December by powered by Guardian link, Orange comet, and Stan Lee’s Pow! Entertainment. You can watch out for the countdown of the launch in Fans have already flooded the waitlist for artpunks and Jukebox and registered themselves for the auction.

The auction will go on for three days and after all the sales and auctions, there is a treasure box waiting for the fans. Fans who have more than 5 NFTs from the Chakra NFT collection irrespective of the price will get access to the Treasure Box.

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