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Recap: NFT BUSAN in Nov 2021. A few weeks ago, Team Cyber Galz threw… | by Yooldo | Trouble Punk | Cyber Galz | Cyber Galz

Most visitors expressed strong interests in Ethereum layer 2 protocol Immutable X and on-chain crafting that Cyber Galz will adopt to our NFT system. Some of them picked our points about the reasons behind our team deploying on-chain crafting solutions, which allow users to customise changeable attributes — hair, face wear, weapons, clothing etc — and use Galz NFT for their PFP (Profile Photo).

It was an epic moment for our team as we can hear our visitors’ views and experiences about NFT. We talked about very NFT-geek talks such as which NFTs we were most interested in, which NFTs we recently participated in the minting event and what the most memorable NFT moments were. With some developers — including some from big corporations — we talked about Immutable X and Enjin as we talked about the GAS problem on Ethereum and our next phase for a P2E game platform. We express our wholehearted appreciation to every visitor to share their precious ideas and times with us at the event.

Oh right! We also have a young boy CG fam in our community!😁

So, by setting up an eye-catching booth and providing unique content with Cyber Galz personas, we successfully completed our first objectives to capture visitors’ attention at the venue. What about the second objective?

Cyber Galz team’s hand-drawn artworks: (From left) Lunchbreak on day 1; Going home early

The second one was to provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere to visitors and the event itself. Because in our point of view, NFT should be fun. In addition to presenting content with Cyber Galz persona cosplayers, our creator team made kitchy hand-drawn artworks that make people chuckle and put them on a screen at the booth. One of them was going against instruction from an organiser. We did not pay attention to lunchtimes and break times that the organiser asked us to follow, and left the booth empty during these times, showing these cute but hilarious artworks. Because it was important for us to recap fun experiences with our team that our team had with visitors at the booth. Some people said the Cyber Galz team were here for fun, not for work. Yes, they were right. We were away for breaktime, not for work. When we left our booth, we were a bit worried if people thought our project was a scam though, honestly, we could not give up the fun parts in our lives.

Cyber Galz team’s hand-drawn lunch break artwork

The left artwork image is the lunch break display on day 2. Our team had a heavier lunch than yesterday 😆

And of course, we wrapped up our exhibition a half-hour earlier than the others, leaving our hand-drawn artwork on a screen. The next day, on the morning of day 2, some exhibitors around our booth came to us and gave us their thoughts about our action about not following the organiser’s instructions. Most comments that they gave us were:

“NFT BUSAN is a big government event and you spent quite a lump sum of money for your booth. You guys didn’t look like you were trying hard to look awesome to the hosts and organisers. How come you do not simply enjoy this event doing what you want?”;

“I couldn’t stop checking out your booth. Your teamwork looks awesome. I felt like I would like to be a part of them.”;

“Where on earth did your confidence come from?”;

“Cyber Galz, you guys are a villian of NFT BUSAN.”

Cyber Galz team’s hand-drawn artwork: Galz vs. Paper Hands

Besides exhibitors around the Cyber Galz Shelter, a number of visitors — now the CG and OG of our community — came to our booth three days in a row. They also gave us feedback that the hand-drawn artworks about not following the instructions were quite shocking in the Korean scene and exciting shots in the meantime. Well, Cyber Galz team wanted you to have an endorphin rush by seeing these artworks because we aimed to provide a more fun and chuckling atmosphere to all visitors in this somewhat mundane Korean-style conference. Looks like we also completed the second objective with success!

After the show, while having a team dinner, we shared impressive moments that we had with our visitors. And again, we found that every team member agreed with the views on NFT that NFT should be fun, exciting and enjoyable. Cyber Galz is committed to creating a metaverse playground full of sci-fi and cyberpunk content, where Galz holders can enjoy various forms of fun by having Cyber Galz NFTs. Whether we are making our presence online or offline, we will try to fulfil our commitment by presenting our views on NFT culture. Thank you everyone for coming to Cyber Galz Shelter at NFT BUSAN. We hope to see you again and again in our community and our upcoming offline events.

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