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Let us continue the Legendary Marvel Writer Stan Lee’s Legacy Beyond one’s Imagination with Chakraverse! | by Lilianacharles

The biggest revolution ever in the history of Blockchain technology is the development of Non-fungible Tokens.

Till now, NFT rocks and rules the crypto charts with its unique identity of being non-interconvertible among each other. So, in short, No two NFTs are the same, and they cannot be the same. Each digital collectible is one of a kind and stands out from the rest.

Digital collections hold a special place in every sector, and collecting such unique stacks has become a fashion statement. NFT has a strong market base and craze among netizens compared to Cryptocurrencies.

The Ethereum coins mostly power these digital collectibles through Blockchain.

The list to describe more tidbits about these non-interconvertible tokens goes on, and it literally has no end.

Recently, many companies are coming up with their exclusive release of NFTs. Some of the launchpads are noteworthy as they are rolling out remarkable projects.

One of such coolest NFT launchpads trending around India is Beyond Life Club, powered by the Guardian Link.

An emerging startup company is garnering worldwide recognition because of its recent release of Amith Ji’s digital collections.

After being a trendsetter for NFTs in India, the company is now on a spree to set another milestone. Now, it is time for them to grab the international audience.

So guys, Hold your breath to unfold many surprises out there. This upcoming new year, it’s time to catch up on your dream and to go beyond life all the way. So let us now dive in to grab detailed insights on how and what the company is about to roll out this December.

The Chakraverse

Chakraverse is packed with loads of amazements, and it will soon hit the crypto market with a bang. The digital collection is all about Stan the Man Lee’s unique creations, caricatures, Artpunks, Animations, and whatnot!?

Chakraverse collection

The concept of the collection is based on one of the most loved and admired creations of Lee. In many interviews, the legend himself said that he loves the Bollywood Industry. So, Lee teamed up with Graphic India to create Chakra the Invincible. The movie received instant fame for its cultural mix of western ideologies along with Asian philosophies bagging millions of hearts.

So because of its popularity, this movie is now being made into digital art, capturing all its ethnicity and significance. The Chakraverse is an exclusive limited-edition digital collection all set to spice up the Indian NFT Market space. For the netizens to relish and live their fantasies, it will be an eye-candy with visual delights and a treat to Lee’s fans.

Following the footsteps of Stan Lee, the auctions will not end as such. It will continue to unfold its other surprises stored with it. Along with many digital displays, it is also channeling many lucky draws to increase the spirit of the new year. Stan Lee’s fans are gushing over to grab his hand-signed lithographs. On the other hand, Metaverse users are excited to try out unique avatars.

Now it’s time to explore each of the digital collections available in the Chakraverse.

It offers around 6865 unique digital collectibles of Chakra Artpunks. They are well-curated with a smart contract interface and follow all the basic standards needed to create an NFT. The shoppers wishing to loot their box of Artpunks will have to make a blind purchase.

Recently, the website has rolled out an additional perk in this specific section. So make your way into the surprise box by purchasing any five NFTs from the stacks.

The countdown for the surprise-filled boxes is still ON. So jump into the box and wait for it to unravel.

Chakra Artpunks

Get your hands on the supremely crafted digital collectibles with all the signature looks and desired accessories. Each of the Artpunks is one of a kind and unique in its own way. Currently a pleasant treat to comic fans and Stan the Man Lee’s (The Legendary Marvel writer) fans. The characters are already loved for their Indo-Western attributes. So grab your Avatar from this section listed on the website.

  • Animated Living Comic Book Cover
Animated Living Comic Book Cover

An extremely limited collection that brings Chakra to life. So people can get to experience all the mystical forces of Chakra in a real-time virtual environment. Meanwhile, step into another dimension with 3D Animated Chakra NFT Videos and explore the world of infinite powers.

It is all about elite comic book covers of Stan Lee’s Chakra the Invincible. The ethnicity and the aesthetics of the movie are all captured artistically to mint it as an NFT art. Indeed a complete visual delight to any anime maniac. Rarest editions of the comic book cover with an attached storyline are available to stock up your digital collections.

Seven Chakra’s Powers

The powers of all the seven Chakras make the superhero Invincible. Lee was working on the latest grown-up version of the superhero during his last days. There were speculations regarding the superhero Chakra joining Marvel because of the interest of Stan Lee towards the specific character. In this section, you can collect your grown-up version of Chakra developed by Lee, which no eyes have seen yet. So there are interesting digital collectibles with all the super-human abilities to make you indulge in the world of comics.

Stan lee’s Birthday Special

The team has come up with its most prized and invaluable collection of Stan Lee’s NFTs for his upcoming Birth Anniversary. The launch would be a tribute to honor the epic creations and works of Stan Lee. Therefore these NFTs will continue the legacy of Lee in the virtual world. Super-rare lithographs to some of the masterpieces by Stan Lee can be grabbed in this premiere collection.

So guys, hook on to the countdowns of Chakraverse to secure your intangible assets. Join the league to commemorate the legend Lee’s unique creations and be a proud stan.

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