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Top 10 NFT Games On BSC Blockchain | by Olivia Smith

While NFTs are known as digital collectibles, a play-to-earn metaverse game based in space and build on BSC blockchain strives to prove the utility of digital assets can also be seen in creating immersive experiences.

Games can be extremely competitive, and it can be very difficult for those planning to play these NFT games to earn. It is important to note that not all NFT games are profitable and how much a player can earn, depending on a lot of factors.

Factors that can affect a player’s ability to earn in NFT games include skill, luck, capital, and the tokenomics of the game itself. Some games are designed to give off huge rewards in the beginning but slowly diminish over time.

Top 10 NFT Games on BSC

1. CryptoMines

Crypto being used: ETERNAL
Users: 133.2 thousand

2. BinaryX

Crypto being used: BNX
Users: 15.76 thousand

3. CryptoBay

Crypto being used: PEARL
Users: 12.27 thousand

4. Zoo — Crypto Worlds

Crypto being used: ZOO
Users: 9.63 thousand

5. MetaverseMiner
Users: 8.48 thousand

6. MOBOX: NFT Farmer

Crypto being used: MBOX
Users: 8.08 thousand

7. ArmzLegends

Users: 7.51 thousand

8. Bomb Crypto

9. DeHero

Crypto being used: HEROES
Users: 3.03 thousand

10. CryptoBlades

Crypto being used: SKILL
Users: 2.52 thousand

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