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#Birdchain Update. ♥️Dear #Birdchainain, | by Birdchain defi official

♥️Dear #Birdchainain,

🔧 The rotation issue on the gaming feature has been fixed. And we are evaluating the earning activity on the birdchain gaming features before we switch on the sharing revenue of the gaming features. So far we have some good activities on the gaming features and every point is been recorded. We will update the records and begin with the sharing revenue on the gaming features very soon.

💬 We are almost done with the chat feature, and our next release will come with the features fully working.

🔗 Download Birdchain app via playstore ::

🧉#Birdchain publishers platform is 85% done. This platform will allow you to be able to earn Birds token right on your website or personal blog.

🚀 Don’t forget Birdchain sister project #Nftpossion ILO on #pinksale is now live don’t wait until the last hours to participate do that now and secure your position

#Pinksale Participation link::

Google Play (

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