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OneArt Weekly Digest #2. Holidays are over and the OneArt team… | by OneArt

Holidays are over and the OneArt team is back on track🦾

Many of you are interested in getting updates on the app development and our future plans. Here’s a brief overview of the recent updates.

Our team is focused on creating a top-notch app in collaboration with our community.

We launched our closed app test on Dec 31, 2021. You submitted 250 applications to participate in testing of the app beta version.

Right now, there are 72 active testers who share their feedback with us to improve app functionality and security.

We’ve received 39 bug reports and suggestions (we don’t count duplicates). From minor to critical.

We’ve already fixed blockers and critical issues such as:

  • Inability to confirm pin after creating or importing a wallet.
  • App crashes on adding multiple networks.
  • Seed phrase confirmation even if the user has input wrong words.

Right now the team is polishing UX/UI (adding light and dark theme switcher, integrating possibility to export seed phrase and private key, confirmation of logout etc.).

We’re also working on adding new functionality such as possibility to:

  • add wallets upon import by showing existing wallets with balance. User will be able to choose required wallets from the existing ones;
  • form custom collections from NFTs owned by a user;
  • walk through OpenSea collections on the separate ‘Discover’ tab;
  • save a seed phrase in iCloud.

OneArt team has prepared rewards for the most active testers who will make the greatest contribution to improving our app.

All testers have to report their suggestions and share info about the found bugs in a special form. This is a mandatory condition to get a reward.

At the end of the testing period, before a public release, we will review all reports to choose top 15 testers depending on the value of the information they shared. Rewards will be distributed according to the rank of participant. The more valuable suggestions you give and the more critical bugs you find, the higher your rank. Rank is determined by the OneArt team.

The OneArt team did the bridge update. We increased the cost of estimated gas to a constant (1.2) to speed up transactions and mitigate possible stuck.

The team is developing a new bridge interface with easier UX-flow where transactions will be evoked in Metamask. Newbies will not lose their tokens while experienced users will be able to adjust gas settings.

Active work in 2022 has started! Stay tuned and have a nice weekend. Thank you for beginning this year with OneArt.

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