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Automata’s Bi-Weekly Update: Issue 16 | by Automata Network

January 17 to January 28, 2022

Blink, and a month passes. The first month of the year is very nearly over, and the team has been steadily building and focusing on the technical pieces to realize our ambitions for the year. Are you as pumped as we are?

[Protocol and Infrastructure]

  • [ChainBridge] Deployment of SGX ChainBridge on ContextFree and Finitestate
  • [Geode] Added standalone modes to GEE and Geode Vault
  • [Geode] Completed Geode-v2 helm chart implementation
  • [Geode] Load balancer upgrade for Geode instances in Fairdrop
  • [DevOps] Updated JsonRpcRequest
  • [DevOps] Finished HA design for monitoring system, with alerts on Kubernetes system level and node level

[Product and Tools]

  • [Conveyor] Conducted research on product enhancements
  • [Conveyor] Generic Conveyor interface upgrade
  • [Fairdrop] Delivered frontend design and built vault contracts for Monster Galaxy NFT launch
  • [Enhancement] Added support for smart contract wallet signature verification via EIP-1271
  • [Design] Visual identity development for projects in the pipeline
  • [Design] Interface updates for upcoming platforms
  • Poorly designed NFT launches hurt users but unexploitable fairness changes that. See why and how we’re creating a safe space for the metaverse on Finance Magnates.
  • We’re now in over 11 countries with the new addition of our Arabic and Portuguese Telegram community groups.
  • What better time to get your application in for Automata Ambassadors than at the start of the season?

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