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*#/Space Robots — Start Here. Dear community, as the pack opening… | by Space Robots

This article aims to explain clearly what Space Robots is all about. It will gather most of the information newcomers and even our most early members need to know to stay up-to-date.

If you are new here, Space Robots NFT project is the inception of the Space Robots universe! We are building a unique world with a rich story that will begin with 7777 randomly assembled Space Robots 3D characters.

Now, let’s dive into some more details. We will tackle all the NFTs we are issuing, that you can find on the different marketplaces or, we wish for you, in your wallet.

We have issued 3 kinds of NFTs at the moment.

These are the NFTs of our main collection. There are 7777 of them. The whole project is built around them. Holding Space Robots NFTs will earn you a membership in the Space Robots Club, giving you various benefits, allowing you to participate in SRC governance, and taking part in exclusive giveaways, NFT drops, and other events.

Space Robots NFTs will also be put at stake to earn rewards, gamified, and will one day enter the metaverse.

Secondary Markets Dead Rare, Trust Market for Space Robots NFT. Collection ticker is: SRC-27d8ff

Space Robots NFT

Space Robots is more than a NFTs collection, it’s overall a company with a very long term vision. Space Robots will diversify itself with various projects and value propositions in the future.

  • 1743 Space Robots were sold in Robopacks PH1 during the first presale
  • 2368 Space Robots were sold in Robopacks PH2 during the second presale
  • 3666 Space Robots remain to be sold during the Public Sale (to be announced)

Attack / Defense

How do we bring utility and traits’ rarity together?

Each Space Robot is randomly assembled from different RoboParts with attributes that come associated with Attack and Defense values + Background trait which does not hold any A/D value.

Space Robot NFT attributes

Attributes with high Attack and Defense are overall rarer than those with low Attack and Defense. The greater the values, the more powerful the Space Robot.

And the more powerful the Space Robot, the more useful in the game we will launch in the future.

Also each Space Robot also has a Total Attack and Total Defense values — for example this one has TA 46 and TD 48.

This is our main innovation. Roboparts will enable you to upgrade your Space Robots, making it rarer. Traits upgradable are Head top, Eyes, Mouth, Ears, or Hands elements.

Rarity will not only be about flexing or selling at a higher price on secondary marketplaces. It will have a predominant role in our project. The rarer your Space Robot, the more you will benefit from our project. Rarity will be put in the service of utility, instead of making it two independent aspects.

Secondary Market for RoboPart NFTs. Collection ticker is: SRP-ec2514

RoboPart NFT

Why is this ecosystem viable? Because you will not necessarily need to be a crypto-whale or a lucky minter to possess rare Space Robots. You need to be either an early adopter, or a holder, or both.

Space Robots RoboParts Rarity Table

Space Robots RoboParts Rarity Table — here you will find a full list of all the atributes for all the RoboParts available in RoboPacks.

As a matter of fact, if you are a very early adopter, you could get Roboparts during our first 2 presales by minting Robopacks PH1 (1X Space Robot + 2X Roboparts / pack) or Robopacks PH2 (1X Space Robot + 1X Robopart / pack).

If you are a holder, you will also be able in the future to earn Roboparts as rewards for putting your unlisted Space Robots at stake.

We are proud and we find logical to be a project that finally puts rarity in the spotlight. After all, most NFTs are just random combinations of traits with different rarities, and one always wishes to own the rarest or the most stylish one. With Space Robots, you will not get the rarest or the most beautiful Space Robot by chance, but by merit, and you will be rewarded for this. We think this changes everything.

RoboPart Atributes

These are POH — Proof of Holding. Holding Space Robots bonus NFTs allows at the moment to participate in special events and brings other benefits. Holding NFTs implies that the NFTs in question are unlisted from any secondary market places.

Bonus — NFT PunkBot Runner 2368

Secondary Market for Bonus NFT. Collection ticker is: SPACEROBOT-bfbf9d

All current Space Robots bonus NFTs are the following:

  • Destroyer of Time and Space: aquired for minting 3 or more Robopacks PH1, you could get 2 of them for minting 6 or more. 337X copies
  • Robocell: aquired during events, supply of only 100X copies
  • JollyBot: aquired at christmas for anyone holding a Robopack, PH1 or PH2. 637X copies
  • PunkBot Runner 2368: aquired as Bonus Tier 1 of the second presale. 302X copies
  • The GolBot Warrior: aquired as Bonus Tier 2 of the second presale. 327X copies
  • Elrond WarBot: aquired as Bonus Tier 3 of the second presale. 206X copies

Note that the last three mentioned each have associated soundtracks over which you have full ownership for any lawful purpose by holding them.

Since Space Robots has a upgradable/non – upgradable elements with Attack and Defense rarity is a bit more complex than just statistical rarity.

This creates different ways to determine the exact rarity/value of the Space Robot NFT.

  1. Matching Head/Body — since the Head / Body elements are non-upgradable certain combinations make them rare. The same Head and Body combinations will be the rarest. For example only 7 of Space Robot NFTs with the (ElrondBots trait) with matching Head/Body combinations exist.

In total there are 365 Space Robots NFT with matching Head and Body combinations.

ElrondBot with matching Head/Body combination

2. Statistical Rarity — Next is the statistical rarity that you will find in all the marketplaces these will be closely connected on how rare the Background of your Space Robot NFT is.

3. Attack/Defence ratio. In the future of Space Robots project the Robots with high Attack and Defence will play an important role. So even if the Robot is ranked lower by statistical rarity, make sure you read the Total Attack and Total Defense values.

You can get more information and easily track the progress of our roadmap by checking our website:

At the moment, people that minted RoboPacks during our first two presales are going to enjoy a very nice pack opening. RobopackPH1 holders will be able to open their packs on Jan 31st around 18 UTC and RobopackPH2 holders will be able to open their packs on Feb 2nd around 18 UTC.

You can also change choose not to unlock your RoboPacks.

Pack opening is a milestone, and will start to make secondary marketplaces and trading volume more dynamic.

We plan to ride this increase in dynamism to host our Public Sale in February, as 3,666 over the 7,777 Space Robots remain to be sold.

We wish everyone a wonderful pack opening and hope to see you in great numbers when the Public Sale will come.

//: End of transmission: Stay tuned

Author: @SpaceRobotsMod

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