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Introducing nft soldout. The need for an NFT community and nft… | by nft soldout | nft soldout

Table 1. Survey Result on the Focal Problems existing in NFT market
  • Buyers — Why are NFTs so expensive?
  • Sellers — How can we promote NFT sales possibilities?
  • nft soldout only selects and deals with works that have been sold once in the marketplace(secondary sale market) among all indiscriminately created NFTs to provide high-quality service.
  • nft soldout provide objective and extensive NFT statistical data to help service users to evaluate NFT value and make an objective decision.
  • nft soldout will add service users’ evaluation data to the curation data to enhance the NFT curation information that the market and NFT owners need.
Image 1. 4 Key Features of nft soldout
Table 2. Examples of On-chain and Off-chain Raw Data on nft soldout
Image 2. Evaluation Standard of nft soldout

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