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What is NFT and How to make money with NFT complete detail 2022. | by Radesign

Today i am going to tell you about NFT. Give you a complete idea about what is NFT And how to make money from NFT after reading this article you will able to make your on NFT and sell it and make money with NFT and i am telling you a different ways to make money from NFT

1) What is NFT?

NFT means NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN. so i am tell you about NFT in simple words to understand easily. NFT means a one thing that is common in the whole world that meas one thing have a one piece in the whole world is called NFT. For Example : your own photo,your own selfi , your own video, logo etc that is NFT.

i hope you are fully understand about NFT. So move forward.

2) How to make money from NFT?

So i want to give you complete guide about how to make money from NFT. This is simple way to earn money from NFT by selling NFT on platforms. First of all create and make your NFT and sell it and make money with NFT. There are many ways to make money by creating NFT. I will tell you in next step how to create NFT in 1 mint and how to sell NFT and make money.

3) How to create NFT?

If you want create your NFT so first of all make about idea of your NFT like you can sell any thing on NFT platforms like you photo,Logo, video etc.

if want to make NFT so you require a software LIke PHOTOSHOP, illustrator , canva you can make NFT easily with this software

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