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The Next Legendary NFT Project: The Supreme Club | by MIA


The Supreme Club is a community centric NFT project that exists on Ethereum Blockchain. The project is built on it’s amazing utility. It rewards the members monthly and annually with superb giveaways including Crypto(ETH) Gifts, Smartphones, and Staycations. The team has crafted an amazing roadmap to give huge benefits for members and it’s evolving further to add more and more benefits with the growth of community and the club.


The NFT world is fairly new and evolving. This is one of the newest and coolest concepts coming into the NFT community. The concept is pretty straightforward and transparent and super simple. The membership entitles you to participate in giveaways. As long as you hold a valid membership card at the time of giveaway selection, you are automatically entitled to participate in the giveaway. There are random giveaways, monthly giveaways and annual giveaways depending on the club level. Starting from 2500 active membership cards, the club starts to level up. Each time the active memberships double up (5K / 10K / 20K / 40K) the club jumps a level up. With the level of the club, the amount of giveaways and value of giveaways also grow significantly. All the membership card holders are given the same fare chances to win the giveaways as there are no tiers on the membership.


All you need to join the club is the VIP Membership Card which is the club’s NFT you can buy from OpenSea (links are below). Each VIP Membership Card has a unique Membership ID which is used for selecting members for the giveaways. So you can choose your favorite number or lucky number. Standard membership cards are valid for 3 years and gives you full access to all the VIP Membership of the club till it expires. There are no limitations on how many Membership Cards a single person or wallet can buy. This gives you the flexibility to buy more Membership Cards for yourself and your loved ones as well as increase the chances of winning giveaways.


The beauty of this membership is the opportunities it gives you to win endless giveaways. You only need 0.1 ETH to get a Membership Card. This card entitles you to win upto 6.0 ETH per month, which is 6000% increment of the amount of your purchase. And it is not just a 1 time opportunity, you have this opportunity every month for 36 months. Some of the giveaways are Crypto(ETH), Smartphones, Digital Gift Cards, Subscriptions and Staycations. The website and discord has listed out full details of giveaways.


Imagine you get a social club membership, do you get these kinds of benefits every month? Can you name any other membership club giving this much giveaways monthly? Imagine buying a lottery where millions of people are trying for a single jackpot. Only one might win or sometimes no one might win. And the lottery ticket you got, tried your luck once and then had to throw it away. But if you get the Supreme Club membership, you get chances to win many giveaways every month for a period of 3 years.

With an unimaginable amount of giveaways to members, this is the best club membership ever, you could ask for..

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Disclaimer: I’m a member of The Supreme Club team.

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