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About Fierce Studios. A successful women led NFT project | by Fierce Studios NFT

A successful women led NFT project

A Blockchain Media
Fierce Studios is helping major brands leverage the NFT space in a meaningful way while at the same time working to secure licensing and advertising deals with these same brands leading to Fierce holders earning revenue from their Fierce NFT.

Genesis Collection / Real Fashion Models
Fierce Models is a collection of 10K NFTs based on 10 real fashion models. Fierce are the best-dressed NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our goal is to help Fierce holders earn revenue through advertising and licensing deals with major brands. Fierce is an all-female team. A portion of sales is being donated to women-focused charities.

A Home in the Metaverse
Fierce Studios is a 3-story photo studio in the “Indy Village” neighborhood of Decentraland, opening April 2022 where real photoshoots will happen when the technology evolves a bit more. At that stage, our major brand partners will host real photoshoots within Fierce Studios. In the meantime, Fierce will host parties, networking events, hang-out spots, and retail in the studio.

An A-List Team
2 female founders with at least 15-years of experience each make up the Fierce Studios team. Founder Michelle McCormack has spent her career working with the top fashion, media, and tech brands in the world including Estee Lauder, Vanity Fair, and Uber. She is a fashion photographer, fashion stylist, coder, graphic designer, copywriter, crypto thought leader, and community builder. Co-founder Peg Samuels has worked with a vast array of entertainment and tech clients including, VH1, GRAMMYs, NBC Olympics, Ringo Starr, Swarm, The Art Token, Yearn Finance, Satoshi is Female and AnRKeyX. Here titles include Author, NYU Professor, advisor, crypto thought-leader, and influencer. She is a digital pioneer always working in advance of the current trends in marketing technology.

Speaking Engagements
Fierce has been invited to speak at VeeCon, ETH Denver, NFT NYC, NFT Week Miami, Global NFT Summit, London, NFT Exposverse, Los Angeles

About Fierce Studios:

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