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NEWS: Reese Witherspoon to Adapt World of Women NFTs into Movies, Tv-Shows

Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon is taking NFTs to another level. Witherspoon media company Hello Sunshine is partnering with the NFT collective World of Women to develop movies, tv-shows, and educational events.

Moreover, the actress and producer stated how WoW NFT holders would be able to participate and get involved in upcoming projects.

NEWS: Azuki x The First Fractionalized NFT with Voting Rights

One of the leading NFT brands, Azuki, is once again pushing boundaries in web3. In partnership with, Azuki will lead the first-ever experiment in fractionalized IP governance over Azuki #40 NFT.

Using the innovative ERC1155 Vault implementation, Azuki #40, or “Bobu,” as named by the Azuki community, will get fractionalized in 20,000 different pieces, or NFTs.

NEWS: Gold Invisible Friend NFT Sold for $1.3 Million in Charity

A rare Golden Invisible Friend NFT was sold for 496.69 ETH, or approximately $1.3 million USD in the first-ever action on OpenSea. The auction winner A9D3B2 won the charity auction and received the winning token, along with the other five unrevealed NFTs from the Invisible Friends NFT collection.

The sale went live on Wednesday, February 23, 2022. It has been confirmed how 100% of proceeds from the auction will go towards the RCC charity fund.

NEWS: The NFT Community is Raising Money For Ukraine

Crypto and NFT users unite for a common goal of raising funds to help and support the Ukrainian people.

Earlier this Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a special military operation and launched an invasion of Ukraine.

NFT Twitter community members, influencers, and activists have taken action. Trippy Labs, PleasrDAO, and Pussy Riot’s founder, Nadya Tolokonnikova, have launched the UkraineDAO. The UkraineDAO’s mission is to raise money with an NFT sale to help the people in Ukraine.

NEWS: Sotheby’s CryptoPunk NFT Auction Worth $30 Million Canceled Last Minute

Earlier this month, Sotheby’s luxury auction company announced the NFT auction of 104 CryptoPunk NFTs. Unfortunately, Sotheby’s canceled the NFT auction just a couple of days before the event should have started.

The reason seems to be that the pseudonymous seller 0x650d decided not to sell the digital assets after all.

“Nvm, decided to hodl,” the seller tweeted.

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