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General FAQ for the NFT collectors | by RazrFi

General FAQ for the NFT collectors

Get answers to all your questions about the SolRazr NFT Launchpad and the process. This FAQ page will be updated regularly.

Q: I see that the SolRazr NFT launchpad is live. What is going to be offered on this platform?

We will bring high-quality projects which will offer you truly worthy digital assets, experiences, or products. Essentially these will be the NFTs that may unlock a plethora of benefits or may be used as valuable digital assets you can flaunt.

Q: How does the platform work?

We will hold INOs i.e. Initial NFT Offerings on our platform. We will publicize new projects launching on our platform through social media channels.

Q: How do I participate in an INO?

There are two ways to participate in the INOs:

Pre-sale: This is a special event before the sale is live for the public. The offering is reserved for SOLR stakers and may have a portion reserved for the community of the project launching its NFTs.

Public sale: This is open for all. No requirement of staking/holding SOLR tokens in this sale.

Q: What type of NFTs are you going to offer?

There are various types of NFT projects. For ease of understanding, we can categorize them in two categories:-

Use case-based NFTs: By holding these you will unlock access to special benefits meant only for the holders of these NFTs.

Art-work-based NFTs: You should hold them for reasons similar to why an art-lover holds a painting or any other artwork.

Q: What are the benefits of participating in a Presale event?

The benefits for participating in a pre-sale are:-

  • Early access to exciting NFT launches
  • Higher chances of getting hold of NFTs you like.
  • Likelihood of grabbing NFTs at lower prices as presale prices may be lower than the public sale price for many projects
  • Possibility of minting more than one NFT depending on the tier you are in

Q: I want access to all Presale (s) on SolRazr NFT Launchpad. What should I do?

The sure shot way to unlock access to all the Presales on our NFT launchpad is to stake SOLR (Stake now). We will reserve a portion of all NFT launches for SOLR stakers.

Q: I have staked SOLR tokens. I like one NFT project launching on SolRazr NFT launchpad. How do I Whitelist (WL) myself for this project?

You need to register yourself for the whitelist process when it opens. As part of the process, you will have to:

  1. Do social media tasks (mandatory for Soil and Seed tiers and optional for the rest)
  2. Specify how many NFTs you want to mint

Q: For how many days will the WL application date remain open?

This may differ from project to project. You need to remain abreast of all the details through our social media channels.

Q: If I apply to whitelist for a presale event, will I win the right to mint an NFT?

Mere registration for the WL, will not give you the right to mint NFT(s). We will run a lottery after the whitelist application date closes. You will know if you have won on the winner’s announcement day.

Q: Is there a way to get a guaranteed WL spot to a presale?

There are no guaranteed WL spots. However, the likelihood of winning increases as you move up the tiers.

Q: What happens if I win a WL spot to mint an NFT?

In case you win, we will distribute “shadow tokens” to your wallet which will give you the right to mint NFT(s). On the date of pre-sale, you need to connect your wallet to the NFT project page and mint NFT(s) by paying the requisite price.

Q: What happens if a WL user does not turn up to Mint during the pre-sale event?

The leftovers will be available for public sale.

Q: What will be the price of each NFT during the presale event?

The price differs from one project to the other. You will need to check the project page on the SolRazr platform for details.

Q: What will be the currency of payment for minting NFT(s)?

The accepted currency is SOL ( both in presale and public sale)

Q: What if I want to mint more than one NFT in a presale event?

The max number allowed for minting NFTs will differ from project to project. You must be staking through an appropriate tier to mint the desired number of NFTs.

Q: If I win rights to mint more than 1 NFT, will I be able to mint all NFTs through one single transaction?

No. Each NFT will be minted one by one as a different transaction.

Q: I want to participate in the public sale round. Tell me more about it.

The public sale round is open for all. There is neither a staking requirement for public sale nor a whitelist application process. A project may/may not have a public sale round. This round will be on an FCFS basis.

Q: Can I participate in both pre-sale and public sales?


Q: What after I mint an NFT?

You can use your NFT in multiple ways. You can sell it in the secondary market, gift it, enjoy the benefits of holding it (in case it is a use-case-based NFT), or simply be the proud owner of the artwork and flaunt it.

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