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An NFT Bubble Is Taking Over the Gig Economy | by Daniel stern

  1. Each token is unique.
  2. Each token is assigned a specific value.
  3. Tokens are tradeable on the Ethereum blockchain, and tokens are repurchased for their original value.
  4. Each token and its identity are verified on the blockchain.
  5. Tokens represent a specific asset, such as equity or debt.
  6. Tokens can be used for licensing, crowdfunding, fundraising, investing, logistics, voting, & many other applications.

Unique: NFT or non-fungible token is a digital token with a unique identity. These tokens represent assets and are inherently fungible. Thus, NFTs can track assets uniquely in a decentralized manner. On the other hand, fungible tokens use a unique numerical identifier to identify each token. These tokens represent ownership or units of account.

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