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Hello, Hi, NFTs and Chai — NamasteyNFT hits the road. | by NamasteyNFT

The run-up to NamsteyNFT Bengaluru 2022 by NamasteyNFT community, set to take place on 14th-15th May, will see a host of micro-meets in different cities across India. On behalf of team NamasteyNFT, Mayank Tiwari, Software Engineer and Photographer, travelled to Pune and will be travelling to Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad, to meet artists and creators. His journey began on 3rd April and will end on 8th May, during which he’ll meet with local communities like ig_calcutta and the like.

Why is NamasteyNFT having these meets?

NamasteyNFT aims at meeting with some of the creators in these cities for a casual catch-up. Mayank will engage with traditional artists, digital artists, photographers, etc, and help De-jargonise the world of NFTs for them. By the end of each city trip, the community at NamasteyNFT will hope to onboard more artists to the mega world of the Metaverse.

Mayank meeting artists across India

We are a bigger community than our Twitter and Discord members.

“The art and creator community in India is massive, and we are connected only to those who are active on social media or who have digital work to showcase. I hope to meet many new friends and discover many artists in these cities, in person. NamasteyNFT is not just a team of 100+ contributing individuals, it’s these amazing creators in every city around India, contributing towards the larger cause of artists. There are traditional and digital creators who want to get into NFTs but don’t know how or don’t have the resources to get here. If I could travel everywhere and find them all, I would. We’re a bigger community than our Twitter and Discord members.” — says Mayank

Why does Namastey NFT want to meet traditional artists?

Artists for the longest time have struggled to make their art a source of income. And if they’ve succeeded, they’ve had to compromise on what they would like to express, just to accommodate what a client wants in the artwork.

NFTs, we believe, change the scene for artists. It turns the whole game upside down. Now artists are making the art they’re passionate about AND getting paid the price they think they deserve. And this opportunity should be made available to every artist.

Keep an eye on NamasteyNFT’s social media channels for the date, time and location of these meets.

But what’s all the hype for?

These meets are a run-up to a larger event — ‘NamasteyNFT — Bengaluru 2022’. The event intends on democratizing the understanding of the world of NFTs by bridging artists, collectors, developers, influencers, and pioneers of the web 3.0 industry.

Through these meets, ‘NamasteyNFT’ is hoping to have more artists participate in the 300-artist curated exhibit at the Bengaluru event, and to invite everyone, from Web 3.0 beginners to Web 3.0 veterans and the Web 3.0-curious, to attend.

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