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Character Insights: The Eternal City PD | by MetalHeads Collective

The cops have always been an uneasy subject and organized system to tackle. Are we talking corrupt blue bloods, loafing mall cops, authoritarian abusers, militaristic mercenaries? The list goes on. But that’s half the fun to install another new sector in an already crowded landscape ridden with the worst gangs and characters to get on the bad side of.

And that’s how we’ve arrived at the Eternal City Police Department (naming pending, we might drop this as is the life of a project in progress), an elite task force that’s been deployed to attempt a clean up of the seedy underbelly that is Eternal City.

Serve, Protect, and Possibly Nuke

While these design explorations might give a feel of where we wanted to initially bring these characters to, we’re still thinking of the bigger picture for the ECPD’s involvement. It’s more than just the average police dept ridden with corruption, it’s more than a militaristic task force, maybe it’s special ops with an additional need to clean over Eternal City in a more godly image.

Early, unused explorations for the ECPD
Early, unused explorations for the ECPD continued

Regardless, this is Eternal City and what matters is gearing the force up with armor that will prevent them from being melted or zapped by hodge-podge augments of any petty thief. So we’ve started to look at designing a wider gamut of armor: helmets and gear that hail from various manufacturers — Perhaps with some of these parts being manufactured by Eisenguard backed facilities, or Ashikaga funded R & D labs. Not exactly running away from our current reality now is it?

Armor explorations for the ECPD
Armor explorations for the ECPD

We’ll intend to show a major arsenal upgrade to these characters and to upcoming assets as well. It takes some time to organically develop all of this, but rest assured we’re moving away from dinky mall cops to PMCs on mega-roids. You’ve already seen their core means of transportation…

Exploration of the main ECPD tactical vehicle

Ultimately, whether the ECPD remains w bastion of justice in a lawless land like Eternal City or a cog in the machine for some of the older gangs, we’ll be exploring different expressions and variations of them until then.

Continued explorations of ECPD armor, influenced by the involvement of the Ashikaga and Eisen Gard gangs

We’re at the very beginning of Phase 2, and despite our rocky continuance, FUD flags, and other hurdles — we intend to bring our A game in every design and every endeavour within the MetalVerse of content.

Keep up with us in the Discord or in the comments and let us know your thoughts.

Until then, Metal Over Flesh. Lawlessness over Law and Order.

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