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Exclusive: NFTs for the World’s First NFT Cricket Game Coming Soon! | by victoria tyson | BLOCK6

If you have been keeping tabs on the latest play-to-earn (P2E) gaming news, then you would have known about the NFT drop event for the world’s first NFT cricket game to be held later this April. The event has already attracted different strata of people, including cricket fans, hardcore gamers, and NFT enthusiasts. One can see various social media platforms going frantic over the aspect of a metaverse experience based on cricket gaming. In this blog, we will see more about the upcoming NFT drop event.

“Super Loot,” the NFT drop event for the world’s first NFT cricket game, “Meta Cricket League,” will be held on April 22, 2022, on the website of the NFT marketplace platform. will serve as the official NFT marketplace of the future NFT cricket game. The NFTs, the NFT game, and the NFT marketplace are all created by GuardianLink, a firm focusing on NFT-based application development.

The Super Loot NFT drop event will be selling 25,000 NFT collectibles that come in different types. They include digital cricket player cards, digital cricket bat cards, and physical NFT collectibles signed by legendary cricket players. Every NFT collectible costs $25, and there is a special offer for people who buy 5 NFT collectibles, where they would get a free treasure box for every 5 NFT collectibles they purchase. The treasure box will serve as a pass to participate in the treasure hunt event, which will be occurring later, where one can have the possibility to win many exciting crypto prizes, including cryptocurrencies and native tokens of other platforms.

As soon as the information about the new NFT cricket game surfed on the internet, various social media platforms went into a frenzy as there were a lot of posts conveying the news came out. The hashtags #jumptrade and #nftcricketgame suddenly exploded in the trending charts of crypto discussions across all social media platforms. Community-based social media platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Quora, and Clubhouse have seen an overwhelming amount of excitement for the upcoming cricket NFT drop and the future NFT game. Experts and amateurs alike have been conveying their perspectives, expectations, and speculations onto these platforms, which takes up the hype factor to another level.

According to the developers’ official press release, the NFTs from the Super Loot drop event would benefit cricket, gaming, and NFT enthusiasts. For cricket fans, these NFT collectibles will serve as valuable memorabilia that give their first taste of NFTs while being useful for hobbyistic gaming. As far as professional gamers are concerned, these NFTs would be useful as in-game assets, providing the option to earn cashable rewards while playing and serving as tradable assets if and when required. Considering NFT collectors, these NFT collectibles from the Super Loot can be cherishable items to HODL (crypto jargon for “Hold,” also expanded as “Hold On for Dear Life”) and speculative digital assets that can be traded according to demand in the future. Irrespective of which spectrum of general public one belongs to, NFTs from the Super Loot NFT drop would benefit their buyers in some manner.

Therefore, we can say that the upcoming Super Loot NFT drop to be held in the NFT marketplace has earned all the attention, irrespective of being conducted in one of the busiest months in the cricketing calendar. The NFT collectibles promise to provide utility of some form to buyers in the future. Hence, we can say that every penny spent on buying such an asset would not be a waste of resources, and it might be possible to earn fortunes.

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