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Kuroro Beasts, Two Games in One. Kuroro Beasts is a PvP-focused creature… | by Kuroro Beasts

Kuroro Beasts has been in development since mid-November 2021.

Back then we started with a much more humble project. There were going to be 3 main Beasts: the dog, the ape, and the toad that mixed with 3 elements: Fire, Water, and Plant. There would be PvP battles and a tournament.

However, the team and the project kept growing in scope and so did the excitement from our community, so we decided to go for it all.

Today, six months later with a team of 18 people, including eight engineers, and three professional Pokémon players, Kuroro has become two games married into one.

  1. We have the web PvP engine, with its team builder attached, where you can use your Beasts to battle against other players and where you will compete in real money tournaments, and that will eventually have a fully supported competitive scene circling around it.
  2. The Unity game, which is an immersive and interactive space where you will be able to move around Kuroro’s world, interact with our contracts via the in-game NPCs and eventually have a full-fledged MMO with world exploration, quests, mini-games, and all kinds of different adventures.

Lets’ have a quick look at both of them.

In development for the past three months by our 4 Unity engineers, and with every character, tile-set, sound, music track, and asset being custom made by our artists, Kuroro Village and the whole world around the islands comes to life to create an immersive environment.

You will be able to access it via our website by holding one of our NFTs and connecting your wallet.


Explore Kuroro village, go to the marketplace, visit Professor Otium to send your Beasts farming and learn the latest about his investigations, go to the bank to manage your tokens, view your Beasts and items in your inventory, see to the alchemist to craft new items and moves for your Beasts, or try to catch the elusive Beast Sage if you can.

Explore Kuroro Village.

NPC Interaction

The NPCs within the village will be your way of interacting with the web3 contracts and executing the actions and transactions with your NFTs.

For example, Professor Otium will help you send your Beasts farming while there is still that mysterious boulder blocking the road out of Kuroro Village.

All of this is integrated through an intuitive UI that supports both mouse + keyboard and controllers.

In game footage of the Farming UI.


Kuroro will be an ever-expanding MMO, and the best part is that it’s not just part of a roadmap, Kuroro Village and the NPCs are already built and implemented.

The networking is already in place to allow for a multiplayer experience, so you can move around the town with your friends. You can see a sneak peek of multiplayer in our Discord.

The next things to work on are to keep implementing the chat system, add ways to battle your friends in-game, and continue expanding to new areas, bringing first the Beach, Forest, and Mountain to life.

From there the sky is the limit; we have a lot planned, but we will leave the possibilities to your imagination for now.

Chat is in the work and you can see. a networking sample (real play).

The other part of the game, which is a full game in its own right, is the PvP engine.

The initial screen for the PvP engine.

It has been in development for the past five months, starting with creating the beast roster (there are currently 158 Beasts, 117 of which will be released on launch), their stats, balancing, and moves.

The past three months or so have been focused on implementing the engine, the logic for the fights, the database, the backend infrastructure to support the different actions and their timing, plus the whole frontend UI and animations to bring it to life.

When we started we really were naive and didn’t realize how hard it would be to develop, it is really a very complex app in its own right and we expect that balancing and perfecting it will be a constant iterative activity that we will do together with our community.

Luckily, we have had our three professional Pokémon players as full-time members of Kuroro’s core team since December. They crafted the whole balancing of the mechanics and all the different Beasts and their moves, with our three web devs (including our legendary CTO, Professor Otium) building the engine.

The whole app consists of three main things as far as the user is concerned:

Team Builder

Here you will be able to select from your Beasts and form different team combinations to prepare for battles.

In game footage of the Team Builder.

In Season 1 (Order Season), while players are still leveling up their Beasts and forming their teams, you can expect an “open” team builder format.

Just by holding one of our NFTs, you will be able to access the PvP engine and create whatever team you desire, even with beasts you don’t have. Of course, you will be free to participate in battles and tournaments with other holder players.

This will serve as a trial period for the engine and the balancing of the Beasts, in which both us developers and our community are expected to participate together.

Eventually, when Chaos Season begins, PvP will be at the center of everything—it will even be related to the farming zones, so you will only be allowed to use Beasts that you own by that point.


Of course, at the center of it all are the battles; that’s what we came for.

In game footage of the Kuroro battles.

Both the team builder and the battles are 100% playable as we speak. There is still some work to be done especially around making it look more fleshed out, tinkering with stats, and balancing certain moves that are being tested, but today we can say Kuroro fights are alive!

It has taken an insane amount of work and effort to put them together but we are very proud of the final result.

Kuroro battles are not just your plain old simple button clicking PvP, they are strategic and incredibly nuanced; you can enjoy them while just having fun with a friend or you can hone your skills for years to become a professional.

Remember, one of our long-term goals is to have a competitive circuit and tournaments with prize pools in the millions for Kuroro Beasts. We believe the PvP has incredible potential to be here for the very long term and even attract off-chain players and sponsors. We also hope that the Unity game will be a trigger for many other media expansion opportunities.


Without the infrastructure support, nothing would be possible.

Nowadays, the way to create and join battles is through the web inside our app after you connect your wallet. Eventually, we expect it all to take place within the Unity game so that you have everything in one place and don’t have to be switching between interfaces.

You can probably tell Kuroro will be a very interactive game.

We wont have our players suffer Layer 1 transaction costs to play our game. It just doesn’t make sense to spend $30 to $50 USD per interaction. It would just bleed money out of the ecosystem into gas fees. It is not a viable solution if you want to have a scalable and massive game.

Why would we do that to you? We care about our community and we have heard your feedback.

Kuroro will be a fully L2 game in the Polygon chain.

Why Poylgon?

Polygon works. It has experience sustaining some of the biggest games in the NFT world (that have inspired us) such as CryptoRaiders, Ether Orcs, and it is one of the EVM networks with the lowest fees.

Polygon is also heavily investing on making their network the #1 for gaming.

For crying out loud, former Youtube CEO of Gaming, Ryan Watt left Youtube to join as the Polygon Studios CEO .

Do we need to say more?

We are proud to say we are one of the first blockchain RPGs we know of to launch with a functional MvP of an interactive game.

Of course some aspects will still need more testing and work, and that will be a combined effort with our community and holders, Kuroro will never be fully done and finished really, being an MMO, constant iteration and new parts of the game will be ever released.

That is why we are extremely excited, this is just the beginning. We have already an 18 people team (8 engineers) working full steam on the game and that wont stop after launch. The large majority of the funds after mint will be allocated to lock in the salaries of our team for at least 2 years of development and keep expanding it from this point on and everyone is aware of that and on board with the vision.

We plan for Kuroro to be the leading creature capturing MMORPG, a franchise in itself, and a competitive E-Sport, all while allowing our players and holders to earn as they play.

As you can see, we have been developing mostly in stealth and we like to show and not tell, but we have tremendous ambitions for Kuroro, so let’s talk a little bit about them here.

First ones to the finishing line

No one has nailed the creature capturing NFT RPG yet.

With such a tremendous opportunity, some had the chance and dropped the ball, some have some have followed the famous sell the collection and promise roadmaps scheme, some look amazing but are still in development until who knows why.

Kuroro will be the first game to get there. We plan to be the staple creature capturing game in the NFT world. And maybe out of it too.

We don’t expect to be perfect from day 1. But we have the MvP for our game, and we are moving already at full speed. The development will only go faster from here. The momentum is already on.

We have the expertise and team to do it, as we speak Kuroro is an 18 people team, 8 engineers (4 Unity devs), 4 artists, 3 pro Pokemon players, a major name in tokenomics doing our tokens, and many more amazing people and we have not even launched yet. This will only grow from here.

How does this impact me?

Our number one and most direct goal is to create a good and lasting game that you will have enjoy playing and also earn while you stay in it with us for the long run. To do that we need to do 3 things:

  1. Take care of our community and holders.
  2. Develop our game with thoughtful design.
  3. Strive always for the best quality only.

Number 2 and 3 are hopefully self evident and you guys, our community, will be the judge of it. So let’s talk about whats in it for you.

Taking care of our community and holders.

As we seize the opportunity of being the first ones to bring the creature capturing RPG concept to life we will share the rewards of this with our community and holders.

Origin Beasts as investment assets

You can read in the full article about Beasts Distribution, Rarities, and Reproduction about the main entity you will receive upon mint, Origin Beasts.

Origin Beasts will be 100% playable characters, same as their off spring, Scions. The big difference will be that Origins are of course able to produce more Scions, so they are thought of as to cover for 4 main necessities:

  1. Produce more beasts
    Kuroro’s PvP is a game where you will have to form team of beasts to compete. Even tho we for-see having the option to rent and/or to select beasts from a rotative pool (think League of Legends) players will still be better off having multiple beasts they can call theirs to select from.
  2. Without producing too much inflation
    If every beast were capable of reproduction then the inflation of beasts and of the resources they can extract from the game would be exponential and break any predictive model we could put in place to control it.
    By having only Origins being able to produce more beasts at a moderate rate, we are able to control inflation, specially of the beasts, and closely monitor how the game is doing to make necessary adjustments without things getting out of hand.
  3. Rewarding Investors
    All of this while providing a good ROI for people that invested early on. Aside from the tokenomics benefits, early adopters or buyers of Origins in secondary markets, will have the chance to have their beast produce more valuable assets they can use to play with and/or utilize in a more investor aligned facet.
  4. While making the game more affordable for new players
    At the same time, increasing the pool of Scions will provide a pool of assets to play the game that is not as expensive and allow for later adopters to enter the game without being too intimidated by the costs.


There is no need keeping it longer in the down low, the great Nat Eliason has been working with us since early January and will be the mind behind our two tokens.

Kuroro Bank, the place for all economic activities within our world.

$KURO will represent the value of Kuroro’s ecosystem as a whole and also provide some in-game uses. All our holders will receive an initial airdrop of $KURO.

$DIVI will be our in-game token and it will be given out via staking rewards and multiple in game activities and prizes.

The specifics for both tokens, their uses, and time windows are going to be shared in an upcoming article by Nat.

Additional NFTs

Beasts are, of course, the main entities in the game, but they are definitely not the end of it. For one, the materials, items and moves that you will be able to collect and craft within the game will also be fully trade-able NFTs.

But think bigger.

We are building an MMO here, so Im sure your imagination will aid you in imagining future NFT entities that will be available within the game.

It is not a secret that we are already working on the PFP project for the trainers, that will double as your in game avatars, as a first step, but eventually we will also have vehicles/mounts to move around the island, arenas, buildings, and many other integrations.

Sneak peek at the in-work trainer PFP project.

Our holders will be the first ones to be rewarded by these additional entities being added into Kuroro’s Metaverse and franchise.

Competitive Kuroro PvP Scene

If you know a thing or two about other creature capturing games, you know that there are even live tournaments where people from all the world go participate in PvP to take claim of the title of champion.

You can have a glimpse at our Competitive Vision in this article we wrote a while ago.

We aim for the PvP to be one of our strongest suits long term, and with that there is a big opportunity to turn Kuroro into a competitive E-Sport, with battles being streamed, open to massive audiences, having tournaments in the millions, and making our holders part of those benefits as well.

Enough talking

Well, enough talking, back to doing, we can keep promising the world, but we are not those guys.

We hope this gives you a good view into what the game at launch will be.

Also, we took the opportunity to hint at some things that are going to happen in the short term, and some things that are possibilities for the mid and long term.

Hopefully that helps you form a better image on what the opportunity is here. We believe it is quite big.

Holders and supporters will be rewarded.

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