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NewsLetter #1. Greeting | by KCV_kamilL | KCV DAO

What does May mean to you?
This May, may be the end of a season to some but, at the same time, can also be a season of new beginnings to others. We give applause to those who made accomplishments and wish good luck to those who are beginning a new journey.

We, KCV DAO, just started off our own journey as well with the announcement of the Marbling project in March. We have gone through a lot more than we could ever imagine in both good and bad ways. It was fun “af!”

We want to share one thing we’ve learned: your support and passion for Marbling, KCV’s first NFT project, are the biggest driving forces for us to move forward and go beyond our limits.

Our DAO would like you to be a solid foundation on which we can stand on till we become a game changer here in the STX-based projects. We, KCV DAO members, appreciate you for joining our journey.

We would like to come and visit each Marbler to express our gratitude for supporting our projects; however, at this time, we would rather share detailed information that Marblers may be curious about.

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