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Here’s a list of the organizations we’re collaborating with, in order to provide professional-grade value and opportunity to our community.

Texas Blockchain Council

The Texas Blockchain Council is a nonprofit industry association made up of companies and individuals that work in a variety of industries that are connected to Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain technology. We are working together to make the State of Texas the jurisdiction of choice for blockchain innovation.

Crypto EQ

CryptoEQ™ is an independent cryptocurrency analysis and rating agency that provides unbiased, objective, and transparent research you can trust. We help people navigate their investment journey and trading decisions.

Last Slice Collective

The Last Slice Collective is the first metaverse social club. 200 members with 200 varying skill sets. The purpose of the collective is learning, developing and sharing experiences in the metaverse. Whether it’s 3D modelers, animators, programmers, voice actors, social influencers, marketers or NFT experts, this is the place where they all hang out.

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