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How do I create and sell NFTs on Polygon Using Metamask Wallet? | by Macalexgeorge

Hello I’m George, and this is worth your read!

NFTs can be created, listed, minted, bought and sold on different networks across the blockchain. One of the vast networks in the Blockchain is the Polygon Network. Market places like OpenSea supports NFT trading across multiple blockchains. This article explains how to create and sell NFTs on the Polygon network, without paying any gas fees.

Yes you read right- No gas fees or ETH are needed!

Creating an NFT Collection on Polygon Network

To start creating NFTs for free, Search for “OpenSea marketplace” on your web browser, or browser section of your Metamask Wallet, tap on the “Menu button”.

Next, click “Account“.

Next Click on “My Collections

Then Click on “Create a Collection

An NFT collection being like a boutique of different clothes, but for the same geographical location, it is best practice to make sure that you add your collection logo, description, banner, social media links, and set your creator earnings

To select the network on which you would like to create your NFTs on, by default, click on the network dropdown menu and select Polygon.

Polygon supports Polygon ETH by default, but you can also add Polygon DAI and Polygon USDC as tokens too.

Now that your collection has been created, It is just like an empty boutique, therefore clothes needs to be added, in this case, NFTs needs to be added to the collection you’ve created. You can add an NFT by pressing the “Add item” button.

You can now create a new NFT item. Upload your file and customize your NFT details!
Once you’re done, hit the button “Create”, to create your NFT.

Congrats! You’ve just made your first NFT on Polygon.

Now, let’s sell your first NFT on Polygon. Go-to your created NFT and press Sell in the top right corner.

A new pop-up window comes up, there you’ll set your selling price, currency, and view anyother added fees associated with the sale.

Once the sales details is confirmed, click on “Complete listing”. You’ll be redirected to another window to complete your listing.

Click Sign, and then your Metamask wallet will prompt you to sign the transaction on your end.

Please note that OpenSea supports typed signatures on Polygon, and it’s easy for users to understand and gain clarity on what they are signing. To complete the signature request, you’ll be prompted to switch your wallet network to Polygon. It will look like this in MetaMask below:

Click sign and your authorization will complete in a few seconds.
The moment your NFT listing is confirmed, you’ll get a confirmation showing Your NFT is listed!. You’ll now be able to copy the item link and share it on social media, and other platforms to promote sales!

I am sure on completing this article, creating and Listing your NFTs on Polygon Network, should become quite easy for you. Looking forward to see your different arts being listed.


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