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Nekotopia Ecosystem. What is Nekotopia? | by Abraham Esio | Jun, 2022

Nekotopia is a 3D interoperable world driven by a Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) at the heart of it.
The Nekotopian MOBA (NOBA) and the game ecosystem’s reward mechanics are available with the Neko Game Pass NFT.

Nekotopia is a place where time, space, substance, and imagination merge to create seemingly endless possibilities. Built on blockchain, this top-down, open-ended social realm leverages the metaverse’s participatory and creative possibilities. Minting your Neko NFT is your first step towards entering the Nekotopian Ecosystem.
Nekotopian ecosystem is built on EVM compatible protocols to fully unlock its P&E functionality.

There 5 realms of Nekotopia. The 5 realms represent states of existence of all known matter and information.
Minted Neko kitties are randomly assigned to one of five Nekotopia realms.
Below are the realms:
Quantum- Realm in which smallest possible levels at which reality exists
Radioactive- Realm dominated by particle wave duality
Mecha- Realm dominated by matter
Digi- Realm dominated by Information
Cosmic- This realm is a combination of Mecha and Digi

Experiment with your Neko’s strength, dexterity, vitality, agility, luck, and intelligence to develop unique evolutions.
As you progress deeper into the Nekoverse, your Neko changes with you, and the options for creating a fresh and unique stat list are unlimited.
Nekotopian Ecosystem has three
major assets which are, Base Neko NFTs, Dinger and PSI Function.

Nekotopia has a Native NFT Market place to buy, trade, & export NFT assets. Players can use the native token ($NEKO) to exchange consumables and cosmetic items with other players, generating cash for the treasury.

The Nekotopian social environment that harnesses the metaverse’s full potential by integrating several DApps throughout its various realms. Throughout the landscape, players can interact with a variety of NPC characters who provide industry-standard De-Fi functions. Using NPCs (DApps) embedded across the metaverse, swap $PCash for native token ($NEKO) and native token for $PCash.

Nekotopia makes uses of MOBA system which means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, it is at the heart of Nekotopia. Your evolved Neko NFT will change from their 2D pixelated form to a 3D version of themselves here, ready to battle, either against your opponents in kitty-versus-kitty action or against the world in single-player mode. MOBA In-game classes are, range, melee, magic and support.

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