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[Create an NFT] #04 Discord Tips. Here are some tips on using Discord… | by OMNUUM | OMNUUM | Jun, 2022

Here are some tips on using Discord. First of all, as interest in NFT projects grows, there are often cases of hacking Discord servers or robbing cryptocurrency wallets. They send hundreds of bots to attack, and they open a Discord impersonation accounts. Fraud is developing day by day, so community members should also be notified of updates on the new scams. The moral responsibility of the Discord operation is also up to the operators. Let’s prevent the members from being harmed in advance.

Discord 2-factor authentication setting
Two-factor authentication is the process of increasing security by adding one more level of security. If you joined Discord for the first time, only level 1 authentication is set. So you have to go into the settings menu and add two-factor authentication separately. You will be given a recovery code if you enable two-factor authentication, so please keep the recovery code in a safe place. If you have forgotten your recovery code or are unable to retrieve it, you can register your SMS authentication and login. There is also a security device that the server owner can use on the channel, and you can attach the option to require two-factor authentication from the server settings menu. 2-factor authentication details

Server creation, menu configuration and holder authentication
If you’re done signing up, you can make your own server. The server should include chat rooms, community rules introductions, and announcements for community members to talk to. If the utility for the holders is ready, a separate holder authentication chat room should be opened to install the bot, and members should be prepared to authenticate the holder. Certified members should be provided with playgrounds to play in chat rooms where only holders can enter. A detailed description of creating server

Discord Bot
Discord bots provide servers with the capabilities they need for the community, including management, entertainment, and convenience. If you have bot invitation rights, you can easily connect by clicking the invitation link. The ranking of top overseas bots can be found at Basic functionality is provided free of charge, but additional functionality is available through a paid payment.

Discord Required Bot List
Welcome messages, specific role assignments, custom commands, and participation-inducing loyalty systems, and generation of social network content publishing notifications, and for Paid versions, there are no restrictions on use and additional features.

It features a simple, intuitive web dashboard. A customizable server coordination bot on the Discord server.

Discord Translator
Powerful translation commands, automated translation of users and channels, and a customizable management system that supports more than 100 languages and can be used in more than 10 locales.

Manage events easily with a calendar bot that helps you with scheduling that is not in Discord. It is divided into general and premium functions.

The bot provides a quick view of server configuration & personnel status, adding convenience to Discord management. (Members, users, bots, roles, channels, online, and offline items are provided)

Markdown Texts
Markdown text is a decoration that makes the text stand out. It’s an intuitive, readable grammar that you use when you want to make your writing bold or italic on a platform. Markdown text can be converted to HTML, so it is useful when you quickly highlight or create content on the web or app. Decorate the Discord menu with markdown text. Markdown Text Detail

Custom Emoji
If you go into many Discord servers, you can see that each channel has a custom emoji that represents the community. If you have permission to manage the server’s owner or emoji, you can add up to 50 custom emojis to the archive for use by members of all servers. In Twitch, streamers can activate subscriber-only emojis by linking their Twitch accounts. Making custom emoji details

Discord FAQ
Detailed help on Discord can be found in the Discord FAQ. Actively promote your project and open a special Discord server to communicate with the community!

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