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NFTHashi Trust minimized cross-chain NFT bridge | by Yuzu | NFTHashi | Jun, 2022

Hi! We are NFTHashi, a cross-chain bridge that supports transferring the NFTs between the different chains. The balance of Extensibility, Generalizability, and Trust Minimization is superior to the other NFT bridge

In this article, we’ll introduce you to our motivation, mission, and background of us. We hope you will learn more about us!

Connext provides trust-minimized cross-chain messaging. Connext is built on Nomad — an optimistic communication protocol that requires only 1 good actor in the space to remain secure.

We challenged the cross-chain NFT implementation using Connext at the ETHAmsterdam hackathon, and have been able to continue development and release the product since then. Previously, we had developed a multi-chain EVM NFT minting platform “Chocomint”.

There are synergies between Chocomint and NFTHashi as well, and when the two combine well, it enables the users to create NFTs more flexibly unbounded by chains.

  • Want to solve the issue of NFTs on Ethereum having to pay high gas prices to trade, even though there are more solutions such as L2 and sidechain.
  • Want to solve the fact that most NFTs are currently concentrated in Ethereum, making it difficult for the emerging chains to activate their NFT ecosystems.
  • Want to solve the problem of a closed ecosystem in the chain.

The increasing number of L2s and chains will lead to a fragmentation of users, data, and liquidity, and the importance of asset bridging will keep increasing. Every blockchain product will move towards being able to support cross-chain use cases. The cross-chain NFT market is currently untapped, with the potential to cross-pollinate multiple communities in every domain.

cross-chain NFTs are not yet common, but there is high potential for them.

  • Cross-chain NFT collections.
  • Cross-chain NFT marketplaces.
  • Cross-chain NFT games
  • Cross-chain lending using NFTs as collateral.
  • Cross-chain NFT governance

Cross-chain NFTs can find new use cases in NFTs that did not exist before

NFTHashi is a simple, versatile, and trust minimized NFT bridge.

  • We use Connext, and Connext provides trust-minimized cross-chain messaging using optimistic verification provided by Nomad, the most trust-minimized protocol for cross-chain messaging so you can safely bridge your valuable NFTs!
  • Easily bridge your NFTs with our intuitive portal.
  • For creators, it is easy to create NFTs that are natively cross-chain by adding the NFTHashi SDK into the NFT contract.
  • NFTs that have already been issued can be bridged to other chains. That means your Punks or BAYC can go beyond Ethereum and can be used on any chain you like

Connext is built on Nomad; an optimistic communication protocol that requires only 1 good actor in the space to remain secure. This is the most trust minimized solution currently available beyond native bridges (Ethereum-L2s, IBC) that are not available across separate domains.

A message is passed by a relayer between 2 chains but, before it becomes valid, there is a 30 minutes latency period. During this time any watcher can prove that the message is invalid and slash it. It’s a fraud-proof system of optimistic rollups.

For more information, see this article

How to use our bridge is a piece of cake!

Connect your wallet.

Select the chains and go “Select NFT”

The list of NFTs you own will be shown, select the NFT you want to bridge. Make sure you select the correct NFT to bridge, if yes go “Bridge NFT”

Your wallet will be activated two times. Execute two transactions “Approve the NFT” and “Send transaction”. If everything goes well, the transaction hash will be displayed.

That’s all you need to bridge! You can find out how to check the bridge status in our documentation.

We provide the contract integrated bridge function as SDK for the users who want to create a more advanced NFT utilizing cross-chain. For example, a chain with minted NFTs, a chain with current NFTs, the itinerancy of NFT bridges, and other NFTs whose metadata changes according to these attributes, and so on, will allow for new expressions that have not been possible before!

You can create those NFTs easily by installing SDK and inheriting the contract follow the instructions in the document below.

Here’s how to install and use the SDK

If you are a user who has developed contracts using the SDK, it is super easy to use.

You can integrate the NFT bridge function easily by installing SDK and inheriting the contract like OpenZeppelin.

There is an NFTHashi discord server. Let’s all discuss NFTHashi feedback, the future of cross-chain, and more! Join our community !!!

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