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NFTs and how to become a profitable investor in this space | by Yahyafaraz | Jun, 2022

What is an NFT?

Terms to know before entering NFT space

  • Physical-world benefits of holding these NFTs can be merchandise or some events that u can physically access by showing your NFT.
  • Digitally, they can provide access to events for NFT holders where many people that are holding their NFTs can interact.

What Platforms to use for Flipping NFTs?

Why do many people, especially youngsters, choose to invest in NFTs?

How to search for an excellent NFT project containing the potential to go higher?

  • You must follow enthusiasts in this NFT industry on Twitter and YouTube. These people are always telling about new NFTs projects.
  • You should also search for NFT projects by yourself. For this, you can use .You can also use Twitter to search for upcoming NFT projects as Twitter and Discord are the hubs of the NFT projects because all the updates regarding projects are posted here.

Now, to see if your chosen NFT project will pump in price and is worth investing in,

  • You must see if large amount of people are interested in this project.If there are more than 5–6 messages showing per minute in discord chat and project’s team is engaged with its audience on Twitter and discord, then it’s a good sign.
  • You must see the project’s roadmap, which is present on the website of the NFT project, and see if it provides value and benefits to its buyers.
  • Check the past history of the project developers. See their past project records and their influence in the NFT space.
  • For high chances of profit in the future, always try to get a whitelist spot for the NFT you are waiting for. Whitelist spot depends on the criteria set by the project on their discord. Whitelist provides less price of an NFT than on the public minting day and it prevents you from giving a high gas fee to mint it.

Tips for buying NFT from the public through NFT flipping platforms:

  • Now for buying an NFT directly from online marketplace, always check the rarity of that particular NFT by using rarity means a higher price in the future.
  • Always try to buy and sell NFTs when the gas fee is low. At the time of public minting, gas fees are very high because there are more people to mint than the amount of NFTs launched.
  • Always check the situation of the market for that launched NFT you will be jumping in. Check if the NFTs are losing or gaining value.
  • Try to find a rare NFT which is available on the floor price(cheapest price).

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