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Play to Earn on the FUSE Blockchain | by Amazing Horses | Jun, 2022

Keep up to 20 horses on your personal paddock

Amazing Horses is the 1st project of the Cozy Cosmonauts NFT incubator, dedicated to bringing exclusive NFT projects to the Fuse Network. In this blockchain based game you compete with your horses in a fast-paced race.

999 Amazing Horses NFT on the FUSE Blockchain

Let’s take a look behind the scenes together. The basis is the Amazing Horses ERC721 token which can be traded on the Artrific NFT Marketplace. This token is assigned typical NFT metadata which is reflected in the visual characteristics of the horse. This includes traits like Background, Body, Eyes, Mouth or Hair. Additionally there are special metadata like Power, Speed and Endurance which are not visible at first sight but have an important effect on the gaming part. Basically, the higher these values are, the higher the probability that your horse will be the winner.

Each of these 3 values plays a decisive role at different stages of the race. While in the first half of the race speed is important, in the second half of the race the horses with the higher endurance come out on top. Power, on the other hand, is an important value throughout the race that has an impact on the course of the race in both the 1st and 2nd halves.

The game consists of several racing modes that are unlocked over time. In the first racing mode, the Derby, 6 horses compete against each other over a distance of 1 1/2 miles. The first 3 horses to cross the finish line receive points in the overall standings, which can be viewed at any time in the leaderboard.

6 Amazing Horses competing in a 1 1/2 miles distance race against each other

At the end of the 2022 season, the top 100 horses will compete against each other in a knockout system in 1:1 races in the FUSE Cup 2022 tournament. The 6 horses that remain at the end of this knockout phase will compete against each other in a joint final race and will receive staggered prize money in FUSE tokens depending on their placing.

For each race mode, a separate smart contract is deployed on the Fuse blockchain. In this contract you deposit your horse for the duration of the race. Joining a derby race for example costs one carrot token per horse per race. As soon as the 6th horse joins, the race starts automatically. The winner receives 2 x carrots, the 2nd placed receives 1 x carrots and the 3rd placed receives 0.5 x carrots. The remaining carrots go back to the treasury and will be distributed to the community periodically at later times in the form of raffles or tournaments. After the race, your horse will automatically return to your paddock. If no 6th horse has joined the race after 24 hours, the race will be cancelled. Your horse will then also land on your paddock and you will get back your carrot token which you paid as entry fee.

By putting your horse into your stable or in more technical terms staking your horse into the staking contract you can claim 1 carrot token per day. The more horses you stake the more carrots you can claim. It doesn’t matter which horses generate the carrots and which horses consume the carrots in the race. To increase your chances of getting into the Top 100 it is recommended to participate in as many races as possible and to always have more than one horse in the stable to have enough carrots in the backhand. If you generate more carrots than necessary by staking you can exchange your tokens on for FUSE, if you spontaneously need some more carrots to participate in races you can exchange your FUSE for carrots too. Carrot tokens will get a couple of more useful features in the future which will be described in a separate medium post. So it might be useful to keep a few of them.

Each staked 🐴 creates one 🥕 every day

The Derby Racing Smart Contract and UI will be available soon so you can actually race your horses against other jockeys. Use the remaining time to collect as many Carrot Tokens as possible. Also, a FUSE/CARROT liquidity pool will soon be launched on Voltage Finance.

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